2021 Short Curly Hairstyles for Women


Nothing more enhances your personality than a good hairstyle. Hairstyles are often taken as a reflection of your personality, and they work as a source to make you look more approachable or professional. It is very important to select an appropriate hairstyle that suits your hair type perfectly. There are many versatile hair textures known, and every human has a unique hair texture. Some have sleek and straight, while others are blessed with gorgeous waves and curls naturally. It is assumed that curly hair is difficult to manage in daily life because they require extra care and time in order to look presentable. Here are some easy and trendy hairstyles for women with those luscious curls:

  1. The Old School Bob:

If you have curly hair that you find hard to manage daily, then it will be a great idea to go short and rock that old school bob. It’s trendy, easy to style, and looks super chic. So, whether you are a student or a businesswoman, go for this hairstyle.

  1. On the Top with Top Knots:

Top knots are without a doubt one of the easiest yet stylish hairstyles ever. You can rock a top knot easily with curly hair. Do a top half knot and let half of your curls down for a simple and cute hairdo. You can rock this hairstyle on a daily basis for a casual look, and it also saves a huge chunk of time you end up spending on styling your hair daily.

  1. Half Up French Braid:

Braids make quite a statement, and the plus point is that they look better on textured hair. The half-up French braid crown is a very popular hairstyle suitable for all kinds of occasions. If you are someone who loves braids, you must try this hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for showing off the curls. You can add embellishments to take a look from day to night look according to your preference.

  1. The Short Afro:

If you have supercoiled curls, then go for a short afro, as this hairstyle complements extremely curly hair very well. It looks equally stylish and one of the most worn hairstyles by the woman with curly hair. With only one time visit to the hairstylist, you can manage this hairstyle on your own. Embrace those curls and up your style game in 2021. Just use the right products and make your curly hair stand out.


  1. Curly Pixie:

Nothing matches the style statement of a pixie cut on curly hair. It looks edgy, cool, and super stylish. If you love short hair, then you must try this hairstyle once in your life. Many famous celebs have rocked the curled-up pixie in the last year, and it is surely the style statement of 2021. It is actually a one-time effort because the pixie cut takes a while to grow back. You can enjoy going out daily without the struggle to manage your curly hair.

Final Words 

So, are you ready to kick start your 2021 with a stylish hairstyle? We hope this style guide will help you to pick the best hairstyles making killer impressions. 

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