3 Ways to Style and Accessorize Formal Dresses

What to Wear with Little Black Dresses, LBD Accessories

From cocktail dresses, evening wear to black-tie affairs, there are many types of formal wear for women. Depending on the occasion, the dress codes differ. A rehearsal dinner for a wedding calls for a different dress code than the actual wedding ceremony though both might be formal dresses. A business meeting Whatever the occasion, donning formal wear is a great way to look sophisticated and elegant. 

Here are some styling and accessorizing tips that will help in elevating an outfit to the next level. 


A bag is both a functional accessory and a fashion statement. Depending on the occasion, different types of handbags can go with different outfits. For a business meeting or a day at work, a bag with enough space inside to hold everything necessary is the best option and pairs well with a formal business suit. For evening wear, a clutch or a sling bag is the best fit. Pick an embellished clutch with stones and sequins if the dress is free of embellishments. It will help in adding some bling and jazz up the whole look! Go for bags that compliment the colour of the dress. Avoid contrasting colour tones or bags the same colour as the dress.


With business wear or formal suits, minimal jewellery looks the best. A pair of rose gold or diamond studs for earrings with a watch or a minimalistic bracelet is enough to complete the look. For non-work-related formal occasions, accessorize accordingly. For events like a party or dinner, ditch the minimal look and dress up the accessories. Wear an embellished bracelet with stonework with big drop earrings to add some shine to the whole look. Statement necklaces are also a good choice with dresses. Business wear like suits or skirts goes well with simple pieces like a minimal chain with a stone pendant. Simple necklaces help in enhancing the whole look subtly without overpowering the ensemble. For dresses, there’s no need to wear minimal chains. If the dress is a plain colour without prints or patterns, have fun playing around with the accessories! Wear a matching earrings necklace if you have a set. Or wear layered necklaces or multi-colour necklaces to make a statement. 


The right shoes can transform any outfit and lift the look to another level. There are a lot of options for formal dresses when it comes to wearing the perfect shoes. Pick shoes that don’t clash with the colour of the dress but rather complement it. Strappy sandals and stiletto heels are perfect for floor-length dresses as they add sophistication. Pumps are also a good choice. Make sure to pick shoes that compliment the outfit instead of clashing against it. Nude and black shoes are a safe bet for all dresses and are wardrobe essential. If the dress has sequins and glitter, it is better to avoid footwear with sequins and other embellishments. Multicoloured and printed shoes are an excellent choice for dresses without any designs or patterns on them. They add an element of fun and complete the look without taking away the spotlight from the dress. 

Following this guide will help in creating the perfect formal dress for any occasion. Aside from these accessories, one can also wear wraps and shawls since they are stylish and used during cold weather. They give an air of elegance and also work as a great accessory. One can also use belts to make a style statement while pairing it with a business suit. So keep in mind all this for the next time, and have fun styling!

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