An Excellent Guide for Buying Women’s Swimsuits

It’s the season every woman dreads: swimsuit season! Whatever size a woman has, she probably panics when choosing a swimsuit and worries that he will sit well on her figure. Of course, every woman wants to highlight her best features by minimizing imperfections in any piece of clothing, but this is especially true for swimwear.

Big hips and thighs

Women with large buttocks should look for swimwear with boyish bottoms. It helps hide the back but also looks cute and comfortable. Bikini bottoms with a skirt are cute too – they give your legs a touch but at the same time hide the buttocks. Avoid short bikini bottoms at all costs! For the top, you can also choose something eye-catching and bright. It will draw attention away from your back. Again, avoid horizontal stripes as they will make your butt look even bigger than it is, although diagonal stripes can create a more flattering illusion.

Big belly

You should stick with a one-piece suit if you have a big belly. However, if you want a two-piece outfit, opt for one of the tank tops that fall to the waist of the bikini bottoms. Patterned swimsuits will also draw attention away from your belly and make you look slimmer. You can also check if the store has swimwear that allows you to control your belly.

Plus size swimwear

If you’re overweight, you’re probably pretty shy about choosing casual clothes, but don’t let that discourage you from having fun in the sun. It is more difficult for overweight women to choose a swimsuit. Stick to dark colors like navy blue and black to look slimmer. Avoid swimwear with horizontal stripes, as this creates an optical illusion that you are wider than you are. Get a good swimwear fabric because it stretches, but choose the right swimsuit size. Don’t try to fit into a bathing suit two sizes too small for vanity reasons.

Choosing the right size will always look the best for you. Many shops allow you to mix the tops and bottoms, so if you have a lot of weight on the top or bottom. Please remember that swimsuits tend to be smaller than normal clothing, so you may need to choose one or two sizes larger than you usually wear.

At the end

When shopping for a new swimsuit, the most important thing to know is what works best for your facial features. And only buy the first suit you try on if you like it. Take a few to the fitting room with you and see which one looks the best. It is helpful to bring a friend with you to give you an honest opinion of what it looks like.

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