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These days, women have more choice than ever before when it comes to makeup, but the type of makeup brush used is often forgotten or places as secondary in importance. There was once a time when most women preferred natural hair makeup brushes because synthetic brushes were not of great quality, but all that has changed. There are now so many more choices when it comes to synthetic makeup brushes.

Why Should You Use Synthetic Brushes Instead?

So, why should you even consider buying synthetic makeup brushes? Here are some of the distinct benefits of the new generation of synthetic makeup brushes:

  • Cleaner: The truth is that lots of women use their makeup brush time after time and day after day without giving much thought to cleaning them. This means that they can get gunked up with cosmetics and pick up oils and dirt from the face. It’s not exactly sanitary and can leave streaks and marks on the face. Natural brushes tend to pick up more makeup because of the natural ridges on the hair, but this also means that they are a real pain to clean. Synthetic brushes don’t have this problem. They are much easier to clean and simply don’t get gunked up as easily.

  • Not as harsh: To start off with, it might seem as though natural hair brushes are softer, but they will actually become sharper and harsher over time. This can be especially problematic when you’re using an old natural hair makeup brush around the sensitive area of the eyes. The last thing you want is an errant poke in the eye from your makeup brush. Synthetic brushes these days are actually soft and retain this texture even after years of consistent use. This means that they are much better in the long run.

  • More cost effective: Synthetic brushes also tend to last longer. The natural hair makeup brushes tend to break and split more easily, where modern synthetic brushes remain soft, springy, and durable. This means that if you buy makeup brushes online, you are making a smart investment in the future that is more cost effective.

  • Better for sensitive skin: Some people have problems with makeup brushes because they have sensitive skin. Natural hair brushes can cause them to have an allergic reaction. Synthetic hair brushes are far less likely to cause a skin rash or other allergic reaction in someone with especially sensitive skin.

  • Less waste: Though it has long been touted that natural hair brushes are better because they pick up more makeup for application, the trouble is that lots of this makeup is absorbed into the animal hair. This not only means that the brush gets all clogged up, but it also means that there’s more wastage of makeup. When you’ve spent lots of money on cosmetics, you really want to get the most out of it rather than have it wasted. Synthetic bristles don’t present this sort of problem.

Synthetic Is the Smarter Choice

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