Factors you need to consider when buying packing tape

Looking for parcel tape and packing tape isn’t as easy as you think, making choosing the appropriate tape for your business a bit challenging. It may look like a vital decision when it comes to purchasing packing tape. Yet, the most necessary aspect of the correct type of tape is to keep your contents secure and safe. Faulty application or incorrect wrong packing tape could lead to damage to the produce, theft, or loss of product. Thus, it is important to research the various qualities and types of tape available and then choose the correct one for your boxes. From acrylic adhesives to hot melt, warm to cold temperatures, and everything in between.

There are various types packing types available in the market. People are mostly using pressure-sensitive packing tape, it’s the one you need during a move. It’s usually transparent and sticky, while the other type is water activated which is more usual in a business setting. Below are some of the factors you should consider when looking for a packing tape that could aid you in making a knowledgeable choice.

Check these factors when purchasing a packing tape

Package surface material

  • The type of surface material of the box is an important detail that you need to consider when using it to seal. From waxed to printed, recycled to corrugated, each of them needs various types of tape. For instance, powerful, ridged cardboard boxes, and waterproof packing tapes are ideal. It can resist extreme temperatures and can prolong storage conditions. Various types of carton boxes provide different adhesion properties, especially if huge amounts of recycled materials are used in carton boxes. To keep the box secured along with its contents stronger packaging tape is needed.

Tape Grade

  • Tape grades cite the construction of the tape where the tensile strength or holding power is available in various ranges. It narrates the thickness of the tape backing and the level of sticky used. A high-grade tape with great thickness and great levels of adhesive must be used if you need heavy-duty sealing of your package to ensure the contents of your package are protected.

Measurement of tape and box

  • The length, weight, and height of the box determine the length, size, and width of the tape. Wider and stronger packaging tape is required when it is a heavy load. Mostly, packing tapes are about 2 and 3 inches in size. Two-inch tapes are enough for small to medium-sized boxes. Yet, for huge boxes, three inches of tape must be considered for security.

Tape Quality

  • You need to look for a tape that offers immediate adhesion, can unwind easily, and has the durability and strength to adhere to various environments, especially during storage and when shipping for a longer distance.

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