How to Get a Sweat-proof Look During Summers

There is no respite from the sweltering American summers, and more so for those who have to move out in the sun. It is a dilemma and even for those who have a vacation planned. Ashley has a T-zone and her face tends to look oily when she walks out in the sun. The result is an unwanted sunburn, blackheads, and of course, discomfort. She has tried matt products, several off-the-shelf health and beauty products, but none of these so-called hacks was able to prevent her face from sweating and ruining any makeup she tried to put on. With a summer weekend trip coming up in a few days, she has herself stressing about her complexion and bestie photographs from the gram. Isn’t this the same drab story of our lives too? How do we approach this problem that keeps haunting us every single year?

Start from the basics

Remember to stay hydrated! Right intake of water helps to flush out the toxins anyway. That way you ensure you have your body cleansed internally. On the exterior though, you need the best skin care products that drag the dirt out and control oil. Go for Amino Acid face cleanser that ensures your skin remains oil-free, yet moisturized, for a longer period of time. If you do not want that cakey look after you put on your makeup and walk out into the sun, use an exfoliator.

Post exfoliation, here are some more steps to follow before you jump into makeup:

– Toning or applying a serum and letting it dry on the face

– Applying an anti-puffiness cream to ensure the under-eye bags are taken care of too

– Applying a face primer

Right foundation and light mascara

Wear an oil-control foundation that suits your skin, and a smudge-free sweat-resistant mascara. Go for a non-comedogenic foundation that is waterproof and oil resistant, and can guard you from 80 % humidity. The product should ideally offer you the matt look. This should allow you to enjoy lightweight and flawless makeup that doesn’t ruin your photographs for the Instagram.

Add a sunblock

Unless your foundation comes with a sunblock recipe, this is an add-on layer if you are planning a beach getaway. Go for a health and beauty brand that moisturizes, minimizes pores, color corrects and enhances your look. This layer offers life to your makeup.

Paint your lips waterproof

During the day, it is safe to highlight your lips with waterproof non-stick matte lipstick. Go for a nude or a bright shade, based on the colour of your skin or your mood. These lipsticks can dodge the rain, and the sweat, and stay on for a longer period of time.

The no-makeup look is in vogue

If you have not used makeup products that proffer the no-makeup look, its time you look into this trend too. Get yourself one from Glossier. Cloud Paint is buildable, it’s a gel-cream blush that funks the chalky look and sets forth a dewy radiance. This is the perfect mate when you move out into the sun.

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About the Author: Clare Louise