Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you are looking for a way to propose to your girlfriend, it is a perfect time! If your girlfriend is not aware of the proposal, this will be the perfect time to surprise her. And what better way to surprise your girlfriend than by gifting her something which she will remember for the longest time. It might be years to come on your next date. Thus, you should surprise her with something really innovative yet should be romantic so that after a glance on that, the instant memory related to it flashes in her mind. So curate a very special gift for your special someone and don’t forget to treat her nicely. Surprise her with a one of a kind gift to her.




If you want to make her feel special and gift her something permanent that will stay with her forever. Gift her an ornament! You heard that right. Go to your nearest shop and buy an ornament for her, it might be a ring or in fact, anything that she loves to wear. Maybe a pendant or a necklace or a bracelet. Search through the internet or fashion magazines to see observe the latest trends that might complement your girlfriend. If you don’t have enough time to go visit a shop, you can always look for websites where you can buy online jewellery. They will have a top bar where the design of the trending jewellery is visible. If she likes a particular jewellery brand or design, gift her designer jewellery from her favorite designer. Or if she has a different sense of style and loves something quirky, gift her a piece of fashion jewellery that stands out. Handcrafted jewellery from physical or online handicraft stores are also gaining popularity these days and might interest her. The jewellery might even have the initials of her name engraved on it. This will be a great way to propose to her. Remember, not the price but the mindful gesture behind your gift will make her feel special.





If she has a busy work schedule and does not have enough time for herself. She might just want a getaway for one day, and so treat her with a long drive and chilled out weekend. She can finally have some relaxation in your company. Remember the getaway should include a long drive in the outskirts of the city and definitely along some picturesque landscapes like Goa or maybe the hill stations near you. It will immediately ease her arms and get her back to a chill mood. Play some good music in your car which she likes and maybe make a playlist of her favorite songs from her favorite artists. She will be enthralled. Also in this mini trip on the weekends, book a special room for her preferably amidst nature. Spend some quality time with her and go for walks on moonlit paths. Thus, it will be the perfect time to propose to her and she will never be able to say no. A romantic getaway is all that is required to have the woman of your dreams to be with you.




It is always a good way to tell your girl about your feelings by taking her on a date. And what special occasion than Valentine’s eve. Yes! The classic way to tell her about your feelings. She will definitely get a hint if you plan a date with her. The date may be either a romantic dinner or a special coffee date. If you go on a coffee date, choose her favorite type of coffee and make sure it has heart-shaped foam on top of that. Or if it is a dinner date, choose any restaurant which is not very crowded, so that you can have your privacy. Book a special table for her and order her favorite cuisine and wine. Talk to her about her favorite things or maybe sing a song for her. Then when she is slowly getting in that mood, pop the question to her. She will surely blush and you will get your affirmation. Treat her with a sinful dessert at the end. Your girlfriend will be ready to go on many more future dates with you.

These are some ways of proposing your partner, that will make your romantic half feel special about her and will make her remember this moment forever.


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