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Even shades of nail polishes are subject to the vagaries of fashion. We will advise you on what colors you should try this season.

Deep burgundy

This shade returns in various forms every autumn and, from the point of view, evokes the arrival of colder autumn days. The distinctive color of red wine suits every skin type and looks sophisticated and elegant. The basis for this shade is a flawless manicure and beautifully groomed hands.

Dark green

This slightly mystical shade of nail polishes contrasts beautifully with the skin tone and, like the burgundy color, the dark green on the nails stand out best especially in the autumn and winter months. You can choose the classic bright glossy variant of green varnish, or still very fashionable matt nail polish.

Neutral smoke

The so-called “nude” shades of nail polishes have a very natural and modified impression and are also suitable for all color combinations of clothing. While body tones with a pink undertone are a hit especially on summer days, in the autumn slightly grayish, smoky shades of body paints, whether in a matt or glossy form, are better suited.

Dazzling red

Classic red will never go out of style, so if you don’t allow this ageless color of nail polish, you can wear it boldly even on cloudy and rainy autumn days. There are a number of shades of red. In the fall, try replacing the sweet strawberry red you wore in the summer with a deep brick one. Use of the multichrome nail polish  is essential there.

Bright orange

Although the bright shades of orange are among the basic colors of summer nail polishes, do not place this varnish on the bottom of the cosmetic box this autumn. Cold months generally don’t have much color, so why not indulge in a bit of that optimistic cheerful color, at least on your nails? Don’t be afraid to shine.

Nail care is not pure vanity, suitable treatment and treatment prevents splitting and breaking nails. Prevention of nail damage then protects against mold settling.

They tend to be dry after winter

Dry nails break more easily, grow poorly, often fray and flake off. The cold weather thus affected their condition, but it is often an innate condition that you can hardly influence, it can only be improved with the right care.

How to do it at home?

First, shorten the nails and file them smoothly.Then immerse them for a few minutes in a warm bath with a little dissolved soap and oil, it can be shower or body.After the bath, remove the overgrown cuticle and smooth the nail surface with a polisher (commonly available at the drugstore). You can also try homemade salt and face cream peeling.If the nails are significantly coarse or grooved, then smoothing with a polisher will not be enough. Then it is necessary to use a special primer to level the surface. You can apply a clear or top coat on it.Dry and brittle nails will be helped by a regenerating and firming varnish.

Caution: Gel nails will improve the condition at first glance, but in reality the nail will weaken even more. After tearing off the artificial nail, the original nail is very weak and takes a long time to recover.

Spring pastels: Softness and radiance give varnishes a white base. It will work just as well when applying only one pastel color.

Sun color: Yellow looks optimistic, but if you’re afraid of it, try combining it with pink curves at the ends. The result has a floral atmosphere.

Tone play: Tint transitions look casual and playful when you keep the palette smaller. It also goes better with clothes than a manicure in one color.

Pink ideal: If you do not know how to choose a topcoat, then the best choice will be a muted pink shade in a tone that will match your clothes. Non-contrasting pink looks good even in old age and does not draw attention to sagging skin.

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