Pearl the Gem That has Very Subtle and Calm Beauty

Pearl has been in fashion and demand since ancient times. Royals had dominance over pearls in ancient days, because pear was considered a very precious item. The amount of pearls in family depicted their royal status. However, with time, this differentiation has been removed and now everyone can afford pearls in any form.

Natural pearls are till date considered an expensive and precious stone, but its existence is rare. Since the demand for pearls are so high and it keeps increasing every month, hence pearls were cultivated by farmers to meet the requirements.

With lot of research, pearl farmers also found different ways of producing pearls with different shapes, sizes, colours and lustre. Depending upon the feature of pearls, its price varies. Hence, anyone can afford pearls nowadays.

Pearl accessories are worn by every female all around the world. It blends well with western and ethnic wear. One should know the correct way of styling pearl with their attire so that they stand out in crowd. A single strand pearl necklace looks wonderful on an evening gown or formal attire, but for ethnic or party dresses the necklace should have layers of strands to make you look gorgeous.

How pearl pricing gets done?

Different pearls differ in price depending upon its quality. The price of any pearl is decided upon certain factors –

  • Lustre is very important factor to determine pearl’s price. Lustre is formed through the layers of nacre, thus, more layers means more lustre and more expensive.
  • It is difficult to know what size a pearl has taken inside a shell unless it isn’t taken out; therefore its shape is also another factor that calculates its value. Round shape pearls are rarely found thus, their price is higher compared to teardrop, baroque, semi baroque and oval shape pearls.
  • White pearls are commonly available, but different shades like Tahitian black pearls are South Sea golden pearls are available at selected locations and are cultivated for a long time, therefore they are priceless.

There are many stores and online dealers who claim to have authentic pearls. However, any authentic pearl will have a trademark or will be provided with warranty. You can feel small granule in your mouth when you rub original pearls on your teeth, but fake pearls will feel like plastic. Thus, choose wisely and fall prey to fake dealers.

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