Quirky Diwali gifts under Rs. 1,000

Chances are, you might have quite a lot of people to shop for this festive season. While spending money to purchase gifts is the sweetest gesture, you might not want to stretch yourself too thin, especially during everyone’s favourite time of the year. Well, the good news is that we’ve curated a list of some of the affordable yet unique Diwali gifts for your loved ones. 

Whether you are shopping for your parents, siblings, friends or co-workers, this list will help you stick to your budget even if you are buying the most unusual gift ever. Let’s get a look at it:

  1. Birthstone necklace 

It is an elegant Diwali gift under 500 for those who love hoarding jewellery pieces in their wardrobes. Honouring someone’s love with a birthstone necklace is a great idea. This year on the upcoming festive season, surprise your special ones with a birthstone necklace that instantly brings a smile on their face.

  1. Wooden photo & place card holder

This photo holder is a special token of love. But what makes it exceptional is the picture that you can pop into it before gifting it to your favourite person. It is one of the meaning Diwali gifts under 500 that will take your loved ones by surprise this festive season. 

  1. Personalised chocolate box

This Diwali, satisfy their sweet tooth with a custom-made box of tasty chocolates. A personalised chocolate box will kickstart the Diwali party with a smile on your special one’s face. Moreover, it will be an adorable sight to watch your loved ones dig into the box and savour it like a baby. 

  1. Corgi succulent planter

Do your loved ones love corgis as much as everyone? Well, if that’s the case, a corgi succulent planter is one of the best gift ideas for them. It is an adorable planter that will impress every dog lover. So, surprise your special ones who love dogs more than humans with a corgi succulent planter. 

  1. Sushi making kit 

There is at least one person in everyone’s life who loves to experiment in the kitchen. If you have that MasterChef in your life too, a sushi-making kit is an apt Diwali gift. Moreover, it makes one of the best Diwali gifts under 1000 that can instantly bring a smile on everyone’s face who tries out new things in the kitchen. 

  1. Handwriting bracelet

Nothing beats the magic of a handwriting bracelet. It imprints your actual handwriting on the bracelet. Fascinating right? So write down a beautiful phrase. For starters, you can always begin with ‘I Love You’ to convey your feelings to your loved ones on the festive occasion. While it makes the perfect personalised gift, the best part of this bracelet is that it is inexpensive! 

  1. Lavender sleep mask

At some point, we all have days when we toss and turn in bed. Those sleepless nights can turn us cranky all day. So, if your loved ones have trouble falling asleep, surprise them with a lavender sleep mask. It is an affordable sleep mask with an infused lavender scent that will help them relax and get rest at night. 

  1. Ice roller 

As we get older, it is natural to get bags around the eyes. It makes everyone looks tired all the time. So, give an ice roller as a Diwali gift to your parents to depuff and brighten up their tired skin. It will help them to calm redness or inflammation on the face. And guess what? It is also useful to combat severe migraine issues. 

  1. Smiley face pancake pan

Let us face it: Pancakes are everybody’s guilty pleasure. The sight of fluffy pancakes with whipped cream, some berries, and maple syrup warms our heart. But, what if pancakes are made of smiley faces? The happiness would know no bounds. So, if your loved ones love pancakes, this gift is simply for them. This festive celebration, give them a smiley face pancake pan to begin their day with joy. 

  1. Constellation fridge magnet 

This Diwali, surprise the astrology lovers in your family or group with a constellation fridge magnet. It makes a unique Diwali gift under 500 to surprise them this festive season. These small glass constellation fridge magnets come in different colours and patterns. So choose wisely based on the decor and colour of their fridge. 

  1. Himalayan salt lamp 

The soft glow of a Himalayan salt lamp is a sight to behold. It will not only creates a beautiful Diwali ambience but also helps your loved ones relax with its warm lighting effect. Due to its dual functionality, it can be used even after the Diwali celebrations are over. So, give a Himalayan salt lamp to your loved ones as a Diwali gift to brighten their day.

  1. Starwars patent poster print 

Every 90s kid is loud and clear about their old-school love for Starwars. So, surprise your Starwars lover with this poster that highlights the starships, snowspeeders, movie’s MVP, and an AT-AT walker. A Starwars patent poster print makes one of the best Diwali gift ideas for those kids and adults who are the fanatics of the movie. 

Choosing something cheaper does not have to mean you are finding out the easiest way out. All of the above-mentioned Diwali gifts will work the best, especially if they are paired up with a heartwarming note. Keep it cool yet under control this festive season. Happy Diwali, everyone! 

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About the Author: David Curry