Stunning Dress-Ideas For This Season

Dresses are to a woman what flowers are to a garden. It makes life more colorful and beautiful to live. Imagine the girl gang wearing maje dresses going out on a girl’s night out. This clothing represents a free spirit that has boundless energy matching the activity one is engaged in doing.

The choices for dresses are innumerable depending on the

  1. Cut
  2. Pattern
  3. Print
  4. Style

Women are lucky to choose from clothes that even match the seasons. Be it a hot summer’s day or a beach party, there is a dress for the occasion. The trick is to choose the one that is the most appropriate for the location.

Here are some of the best summer dress designs with bonus style tips to look out for at the end of each section.


1. Summer Dress: Short & Floral Prints

This outfit is a crowd favorite, in fact, it has been for several years. It is the instant image that crops up in one’s mind when one thinks of summer clothing. This season in Australia can be warm and sultry. Appropriate clothing is a requirement to beat the heat. Short dresses provide a breathable option that can be fun and carefree at the same time.

Suits who: It is a good fit for girls of all sizes. Short and tall girls can carry off this look with charm.

Style tip: If one thinks Floral prints are a cliche, simply switch it up with monochrome colors. To attain a more defining shape around the waist, go for a belt or one with an elastic band around the waistline.

2. A Long Ruffle Dress:

This dress represents elegance and flirtiness at one go. It is made of different fabrics to suit various needs. Satin is a good choice for an evening, and the frilly sleeves impart youthfulness. This outfit is one of the best-selling ones of all maje dresses due to the right reasons.

Suits who: It suits the leggy lasses and the petite ones alike. Although tall girls prefer long dresses as it flatters their height.

Style tip: Pairing these dresses with the right accessories is as vital as buying the right outfit. Dangly earrings, large hoops, and leather boots are all excellent choices that will complement the look.

3. Halterneck short dress:

This outfit is a fun way to break away from the monotonous neck designs. The halter neck adds a certain edginess to dresses that make it perfect for parties and a day out with friends. It can be as simple as just a plain dress made of synthetic, but the design can still make it stand out in a crowd.

Suits who: It suits all who can carry off a body-hugging fit, and it flatters the waist region. For women who are busty and do not like wearing tight clothes, this may not be the right choice.

Style Tip: Keep the accessories on the neck to a minimum, as the cut already does the trick. Over-accessorizing is a fashion faux pas that people regret later.

4. The Bohemian Dress:

It is the iconic carefree look that women dream of themselves in when they think of summer.

Suits Who: It is an all-person style that anyone can carry off with the right accessories and footwear.

Style tip: One can never go wrong with a wide belt on the waist and a pair of uggs on the feet.


It has been said very often that one should have dresses in the closet at all times. A short dress is a staple. Remember to reinvent with the styles and cuts instead of going for the traditional designs.

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