Tips to clean your pandora jewelry

Your jewelry should be the last thing to put on while getting ready for a party and the first thing to take off at night. They add glory and glamour to your personality and make you more attractive and outshining. Pandora jewelry sale is all set to beautify all women so that they become glittering goldies.

But everything needs cleaning and maintenance to give a long-lasting shine. There are certain tips to clean your jewelry and to keep them shining for a long time.

Safe handling and use:

There are things you can do in order to slow down the tarnishing process and wear and tear. Tarnishing will take quickly if the jewelry comes in contact with perfume, salty air, creams, etc. It should not even come in contact with water. Hence avoid wearing jewelry while swimming.

Cleaning with lukewarm water and dish wash bar:

This is a very simple and easy way to give a quick clean to your jewelry. In a clean bowl of lukewarm water add few drops of washing liquid. Give a dip to your jewelry. Let it remain inside for few minutes. It is advised not to dip your pearl jewelry in the dish wash solution.

Polishing and Safe Storage:

Rub the silver part of your jewelry with a cloth piece (muslin cloth is the best). You can notice that the cloth becomes dark as it takes away the dirt from your jewelry. There is a special polishing cloth available which you can buy. Your storage space should be humidity and moisture-free. It is advisable to use an anti-tarnish jewelry box or pouch.

That concludes the basics of how you should clean and care for your jewelry in the most appropriate ways so that it remains ever-shining finally making you look beautiful and pretty.


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