4 Important Tips to Choose the Right Swing Set for Your Children

It’s hardly possible that a kid (and even an adult) doesn’t like a swing. A swing can be a great individual plaything or can be included in an excellent outdoor play set.

If your kids want you to install swings in your backyard and you decide to grant their wish, you should first evaluate your backyard to check whether it has a space for a swing set.

Here are a few useful tips that will help you in installing a swing set in your yard.

1. Is there Enough Space?

If you ask children what they want, they may tell that they want the entire play set that includes slides, a cubby house, bridges and other elements along with swings.

But it’s you who should decide whether there is enough space for a big outdoor play set in your yard. This is essential for the children’s safety.

The big play set may make the lowest branch of the tall oak tree accessible for your children and they cannot resist the temptation to climb it and accidents and injuries are likely to follow.

Measure your backyard and add at least 6 feet in both swinging directions for other family members and guests to walk and parents to push the swingers. Make sure you have enough space to install an entire play set or just a swing set.

As such, you can buy a wide range of kids sports toys available at Step2 Direct, and so, you can get a variety of swing sets to choose from, of any size.

2. Choose the Right Spot

Once you measure your backyard to ensure it has enough space for a swing set or play set, you should find the right spot to install the swing set. Consider the following points:

Even Surface:The ground on which you’ll install the set should be even and free of potential dangers, like rocks, bricks, overhead wires and branches.

Also, the ground should not be made of hard material like concrete or asphalt.

Clear Area: As mentioned above, there should be a free space around the unit of around 6 feet.

Visibility from House: The swing set should be installed on such a place which you can supervise from your home through windows.

3. Choose the Swing Set Wisely

Another thing to consider is buying a swing set that your child will be able to grow into.

Look for one which won’t only offer fun and safety for a small kid, but will also have features that your kids will enjoy for years.

Also, a modular swing set will let you add components as your kids get older. Shop for a swing and slide set at Step2 Direct and you’ll get just the right thing.

4. Long-term Safety

You should also consider long-term safety while shopping for swings. As per experts, swings must be at least 8 inches apart from each other and their seats should be minimum 8 inches above the ground.

For additional safety, a play set made of rubber or soft plastic swing seats should be preferred and barriers around any platforms should be taller than 4 feet.

Remember these tips while choosing a swing set for your children and enjoy watching their happiness.

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About the Author: Clare Louise