5 Golf Accessories Everyone Should Have

A real golf player would love to get his hands on some new clubs but often, it is those little things that can add spice to the game and your enjoyment of it is what matters more.

Ultimately, the best accessories make our lives as golf players easier whether that be in terms of having a good golf towel, an umbrella that can deal with the wind and rain, or other accessories headcovers or shoes.

As such, you can check this list of the best golf accessories that you might want to include in your bag:

  • Golf Gloves

It is really important to find a pair of golf gloves that fit and feel comfortable. Well-fitting golf gloves helps create more friction and tackiness between your hand and the club grip. This will allow for a precise swing that’ll increase your chances of getting on the green. As any golf fan may have noticed, most golfers tend to wear gloves on only one hand, which is their dominant hand and which takes the most pressure. Though it became a habit, it is recommended to stash a few extras in your golf bag in case you wear through them during a round.

  •  Golf Rangefinder

Another one on the top list is a laser rangefinder. This Is used to keep accurate yardages and collect club data when you’re on the greens. Whenever trying to get an accurate read of the fairway, a rangefinder can eliminate a lot of the guesswork. This helpful golf tool will efficiently gauge how far you need to hit the ball without having to compute or do the mental math yourself.

  • Divot Repair Tool

When your golf balls hit the green, they will lift tufts of grass and leave pitch marks most of the time. Golf players can use a two-pronged divot tool to repair these marks before they putt. This tool will help you leave the green in great condition.

  • Comfortable Shoes and Insoles

You will only be able to enjoy golfing when you are comfortable with what you wear. Therefore, it would be really wise to invest in good golf shoes and insoles. A round can take a few hours or if you’re walking or even just riding in a cart, it is obvious that you will be spending a lot of time on your feet. To minimize fatigue and pains, find the perfect shoes and inserts that provide all-day relief when planning to visit the course.

  • Golf club headcovers

Even the most expensive club is still susceptible to damage when in transit. Whether you are just walking or riding a course cart, the heads and shafts of your golf clubs jostle around and hit one another. The best way to keep your clubs in good shape over the years, is to invest in quality golf club headcovers. They offer padded protection that prevent a lot of disruptful clatter and unwanted damage to your clubs.

I hope this article will help you gear up for your next golf game!

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About the Author: David Curry