A jewelry gift guide for Mother’s Day

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Rings, necklaces, bracelets, and Shinola watches: what’s the best gift to celebrate Mother’s Day? Depending on whether you’re celebrating your wife or your mother, there’s a huge assortment of gift options you can choose from.

A Statement Ring

Rings can be quite bold in ways that other articles of jewelry often cannot, since they can be used interchangeably, mixed-and-matched, and take up a small visual footprint. Consider a modern or contemporary “statement” ring with a lot of style, in a gem or metal that your recipient loves.

Bracelets to Match

Want to expand their existing jewelry? Try to look for bracelets that match what they already have, such as a favorite necklace or a favorite ring. That will give them a complete set to wear on special occasions!

An “Every Day” or Occasion Watch

Watches are always a fantastic gift, as well as versatile. Consider a simple, sleek “every day” watch or a more expensive, luxurious watch for special occasions. Either is sure to get used and loved, as watches are something that many people never leave the home without.

Unique Necklaces

A unique necklace can really pull an outfit together. If you want to give a memorable gift but aren’t sure what style to give it in, a necklace is a good choice: most people use a wide array of necklaces and will have clothes to suit several different styles. A necklace is also statement enough that it can be worn without any other matching jewelry.

When it comes to giving personal, beloved gifts, it’s always a good idea to observe the recipient and see what type of jewelry she already has. If she’s the type to always be wearing a watch or never leave home without a necklace, those are good gift ideas.

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