Benefits of Memory Foam Pillow for Better Sleep 

We all want to get a perfect good night sleep. Don’t we?

So, what can we invest in to make our bedtime more comfortable? A perfect pillow.

The memory foam pillow can be your preferred choice here and it is much more advantageous when it is compared to a traditional pillow.

It was almost 50 years ago when memory foam was first discovered; a group of NASA engineers thought to design special pressure-relieving cushions to ease the astronauts’ voyage for further space programs.

So, what is memory foam?

It is also known as viscoelastic foam. To increase the viscosity and density of the pillow it is foamed with additional chemicals along with polyurethane.The bubbles inside the foam are open so that the air can pass through the matrix.

The first memory foam was not used as a pillow for commercial bedding but was used in medical science for post-surgery padding and wheelchair cushions.

Their characteristics change at high and low densities; at high density the memory foam pillow can magically react with the body heat and can mold itself to the body in just a few minutes, whereas in low density reacts with the body shape and acts sensitively with the pressure.

So why you should use memory foam pillows

Here are a few benefits

  •    The pillow is shaped to fit the head and neck more closely and gives you a more comfortable sleep.
  •    They help in pain and pressure relief
  •    Distributes the weight evenly, thus helps in back pain reduction
  •    They protect you from allergies and asthma, as they are resistant to dust mites
  •    Memory foam pillows are excellent energy absorbent; so if you are sharing the bed with a restless sleeper then no need to worry. They are squeak-free and have no ripple effect.
  •    These pillows are extremely beneficial for people who are suffering from sleep apnea. They adjust with the body temperature and allow you to breathe easily.
  •    They help in adjusting the body warmth and spinal alignment, thus relieving stress.
  •    They don’t develop lumps or get flat like normal pillows after long usage. The foam reshapes itself after it cools down.

So, these were the advantages of memory foam pillows. There are many types of memory foam pillows for every type of sleeper. So, whether you sleep on your stomach or sleep on your side, it doesn’t matter. You can always find the best memory foam pillow for yourself. So, don’t worry. Just search properly and you’ll finally get your good night’s sleep that you deserve!

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About the Author: Clare Louise