Famous Diamonds of Celebrity Engagement Rings

We all know the famous phrases: “a diamond is forever” and “a diamond is a girl’s best friend” But how does the dating debacle of diamonds stand up today, with many sources of high-quality engagement rings such as Tacori? Well, as seen in magazines and on TV; it seems like the biggest marriages are marked by the biggest diamond engagement rings.

Elizabeth Taylor

Surprisingly, the most expensive celebrity ring doesn’t belong to Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian but rather it belonged to Elizabeth Taylor. The diamond dependent diva was gifted the ring in 1968 by Richard Burton, which she proceeded to wear as an engagement ring that sold for $8.8 million. That’s almost as much as Beyoncé’s and Kim Kardashian’s rings combined! The diamond was known as the ‘Krupp Diamond’ and the ring is now is referred to as the ‘Elizabeth Taylor Diamond’, evidence to her ludicrous jewelry obsession.


Speaking of Beyoncé, no list would be complete without the magnificent 18-carat flawless emerald cut diamond ring belonging to Queen B. The ring is estimated to have cost around $5 million crafted by the red carpet jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz. The ring is relatively simple, which only amplifies the absolutely massive diamond the dainty ring holds.

Kim Kardashian

Perhaps living in the shadow of Beyoncé, (who has one of the best engagement rings of all time), Kayne wasn’t quite able to one-up Big B with the 15-carat cushion-cut diamond made by, you guessed it, Lorraine Schwartz. The smaller ring has higher quality and estimates at around $4 million.

Elizabeth Taylor (Again?)

Elizabeth Taylor’s tantalizing selection of jewelry might have had the ‘Krupp Diamond’ at its paramount, but her other jewels were impressive in their own right. Named her ‘ice skating rink’, the ring was from her fiancé Mike Todd, an emerald cut diamond ring measuring 29.41 carats. She later sold the ring estimated at $6 million adjusted for inflation.

Mariah Carey

Mariah received an engagement ring from billionaire James Packer measuring 35-carats on a platinum ring. Despite being 2 carats higher than Elizabeth’s most famous (and most expensive ring), it’s likely that Elizabeth’s ring was of higher quality, as Carey’s ring is estimated to be $6-8 million.

Paris Hilton

Despite the relatively short engagement of Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis, the magnificent stone has a story. Reported to have been purchased for $4.7 million, they were only engaged for a few months. Paris kept the ring only to auction it off for $2 million for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Thankfully, most people don’t demand engagement rings valued in the millions, but it’s amazing to see the beautiful rings that push the limits of our expectations. It’s reassuring to remember that equally beautiful rings are crafted at a far more reasonable price. Who knows, maybe some of the most famous rings might inspire a future engagement ring of your own!

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