Five must-have innerwear every girl should have

We usually shy away from talking about girls innerwear. Underwear is probably an essential item of clothing in the wardrobe. However, the right style will also do wonders for you. It will boost your confidence and comfort levels. We all are trying to build a refined and comprehensive high-quality wardrobe. There is a variety of girls innerwear, and girls get to choose from it.

Following are the must-have girls innerwear every girl should have-

  1. Briefs

Every girl is in the quest of getting their hands on a pair of honest-to-goodness basic underwear. Briefs are known as granny panties. The design provides complete coverage of the intimate region and a high waistband. You can wear them when you have that time of the month as it gives you a lot of coverage and makes you feel secure. 

  1. Bikini

They are slim on the sides. They also have a high-cut leg line and back coverage with a waistband that rests on the hips. This statement piece provides you with just the right amount of coverage, and it still maintains an attractive silhouette. They offer enough range and if you require a less visible finish it’s the best girls inner wear for you. They are perfect for the days when you want to wear something sensual yet elegant at the same time.This piece is a mix and match of both.

  1. Hipster Underwear

Hipster underwear is the type of underwear that is best for low-rise bottoms. This type of underwear is halfway between boy shorts and a bikini. The hipster panties have more coverage on the leg-line than a bikini cut. This underwear is a few inches below your natural waistline. The hipster is perfect if anyone loves wearing low-rise jeans and pants. Hipster underwear sits low on your hips and has a wide waistband. They cover your hips, and they come in different types. So you get a plethora of options to choose from. The hipster underwear is super comfy and sexy for girls innerwear.

  1. Boy shorts

They are the most modest option available, and they feature a thong-style base but frame the whole bottom with full coverage on the sides and the front. As a result, they take on a more rectangular shape than most panties. Boy shorts would be best if any girl wants to have her butt and hips adequately covered when wearing skirts or dresses. They are also known as ‘safety shorts.’ They are shaped like tight shorts, extending past the crotch and butt to cut off along the upper thigh.

  1. Hip huggers

As the name suggests, the hip huggers are worn low around the hips. They are worn below the waistline with leg openings that hit well above the thigh. As they vary in the degree of coverage, hence it is entirely up to the wearer to decide. The major benefit of wearing these girls innerwear is that they can minimize the risk of exposing your underwear. You can opt for them when wearing something low-waisted.


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