Here’s Why You Should Invest In Premium African Print Fabric

What makes a fabric extra special is if they are more than just the design. But of course, its appearance is a huge factor. If you are into high quality colorful printed fabrics, then you should get to know more about African print textiles. Read on if you want to learn more about this premium fabric and where to get them online.

All About African Wax Print Fabric

Africans make clothes, accessories, and other garments out of 100% cotton wax print fabric. It is also known as “Ankara,” “Chitenge,” “Dutch Wax,” and “Kitenge.” The fabric is made with batik, an old wax-resist dyeing method that originated in Indonesia.

Authentic African Wax Print fabrics will have print and colors on both sides of the fabric are the same. The quality of this fabric depends on its cotton material and how it is made. They are now readily available online so anyone who is interested in purchasing has more access now.

Tell Between Fake and Authentic

Colorful Kitenge fabric is loved all over the world. These bright fabrics are fun to wear and you will have endless time to make use of them. But since it is now readily available to purchase online, how  can you exactly tell the authentic from the fake one? If you have never used or purchased an African print textile before, this can be a problem. So here are some tips on how to spot the difference.

  • Steer Clear Of Cheap Rates. Most of the time, the price is the first sign that the fabric is authentic or fake. Costs for fake African wax print fabric can be cut by more than half of what is expected of its real price. If you’ve never bought African print fabric before, do your research and visit several online stores so you can compare prices.
  • Not 100% Cotton. Feeling the fabric can tell you a lot about how good it is. However, if you are purchasing online, you would not have the chance to give it a touch test before actually paying for it. What you can do instead is check its description and if it says other than 100% cotton, then leave and find another seller. Also, make sure that the pattern is printed on both sides of the fabric.
  • Check For Red Flags. You can tell right away by keeping an eye out for a few signs. A lot of well-known brands might be spelled wrong. Some of the fabric stickers may also have logos and trademarks from trusted companies but are not exact copies.

Buy Authentic Fabric Online

There are plenty of African print textiles sources online these days. But just make sure that you only purchase from trusted sellers. When it comes to authentic African print fabric, only buy from Bashiri. They also offer products from West African artists at fair market prices.

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