Modern and Vintage Gifts for a 70 year old

Call him “gramps”, grandpa or grandfather, this figure of a man has all the makings of a hero: a jack of all trades, has a lot of food (often the sort that are off limits at home) but most importantly, lots of time for grandchildren! This gift ideas for 70 year old man should be all that, too: versatile, indulgent, and personalized. These are our top ten gift ideas for a 70 year old man!

  1. Crosley Wood Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player from urbanfitters is a crazy contraption with hidden high tech features. It looks pretty vintage but it’s bluetooth activated and controlled! Now, gramps can listen to his old favorites while reminiscing about the old times and you won’t be breaking the bank trying to find a genuine vinyl player. Playing at $99.
  1. For a grandfather with a great sense of humor, let him try this “Not Old, Just Vintage” shirt from Country Living. Now, who are you calling old? Buy the gag shirt for $25.
  1. This custom birthday book from uncommongoods will do justice on the milestones of his life. Reprint old photos and insert them into this memorabilia as well as comments from his old buddies and it’s a perfect way to walk into the memory lane. Priced at $100 but the laughs and tears may be priceless.
  1. Their old feet get pretty cold in the evenin’. So get gramps a pair of Minnetonka Lined Hardsole Slipper from Amazon at mere $50. It’s soft in the inside and sleek on the outside, perfect for comfort and style for relaxing or hanging out with the boys at the creek.


  • Even men need massages. Get him an affordable spa at home with Shiatsu foot massager from Amazon, with the original price of $76 (the discount may expire anytime soon). These old feet may have traveled far but it doesn’t have to go anywhere to be pampered. 
    Massage and pillow are a great combo for gramps. He can just sit back or lie down and be soothed to sleep with this baby from amazon. Priced at $40, you can’t beat the price or functionality versus a whole massage chair. 


  1. Personalised Baseball, basketball or watch from My Lovely Presents. Nothing beats the kick out of a gift with your name and message in it. Grandpas do need the occasional reminder that you love him as he is, old, cranky sometimes, but still loved!
  1. This magnifier aptly called MiniBrite is a magnifier and a reading light in one. He will be reaching out to use this when he’s reading the newspapers or his favorite paperback. If he’s an avid naturalist, he can even use this to view tiny insects in the garden! 
  1. Old men don’t get drunk, they get tipsy. Get him a whiskey glass gift set: glass tumblers, cigar cutter and a stainless lighter all in a classy ammunition box, personalized with his initials. 
  1. A candle stand is a good way for gramps to unwind. Engrave it with your message for that extra glow.

This is only a snap of what an engraved candle stand would look like if you want it engraved for gramps from 

Sometimes, grandpa will say he doesn’t want any gifts. But we say he deserves more TLC. Indulge him with these. He won’t regret receiving them at all. 

Buy This gift ideas for 70 year old man at My Lovely Presents.

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