Modest Dressing: We Are Adding These 5 Items in Our Cart

For modest dressers, fall and winter are their favorite seasons. Layers not only protect you from cold or wind, but also provide some coverage to your body which is really a fascinating for modest fashionistas. You can hide your arms, neck, and belly shape by throwing any oversized jacket or blazer over your outfit. Isn’t it simple? Other than layers, we also focus on some other modest fashion pieces that definitely hit you. Modest dressing is not boring because there are several funky and playful pieces in this category of fashion that you can style without feeling exposed. So, you can achieve any style without any worry. To be honest, all you need to focus on the right balance. We will provide you right shopping and styling inspiration in this post. For budget-conscious shoppers, has something special for you. Browse this site on your browser and search 6th Street discount code. For your ease, this offer is just for KSA region. We are going to add following pieces in our cart that are equal parts stylish and modest.

Loose Trousers:

In your most-worn pieces, add a loose trouser and you are ready to create a perfect balance in your style. These loose trousers are equally modest and contemporary too, so you don’t need to give up on style just to look modest. We can bet that they will be your favroite and you love to wear them again and again. You can also go bold textures to look little more prominent.

Latest Shackets:

Shacket is a wonderful layer that fits in every category of fashion from regular to modest and stylish. If you haven’t any shacket in your wardrobe, it’s a perfect to grab some latest shackest because they offer your desired style need. You can wear these shackest with your favorite jeans or pants for a great structured or boxy appeal.


Nowadays, vests fall in the permanent wardrobe collection and it is an item that you should own. From suited to knit or ribbed, there are multiple options. They add some visual interest to your look. They add some funky touch to your modest style. Plus, they are suitable for getting right amount of coverage. Grab 6th street discount code from and acquire immense concession on the entire clothing assortment.

Oversize Blazers:

You all know that a blazer can upgdare any look or style in an instnat. Overzied blazers are no excption because they have ability to give some coverage to your look. You can pair them with any type of look from dresses to jeans and beyond. You can achieve style of your dream with the help of some overszied and neutral blazers.

Knit Sets:

If you belive in “cool & cozy” style then you must splurge some money on knit sets. They are very popular nowadays and perfect for any dressing style including modest. Girls in KSA can attain enormous discount on each clothing piece with the exploitation of 6th street discount code available at

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