Musee ipl hair removal- soft on the skin, hard on follicle

Musee ipl hair removal comes with multiple benefits with minor side effects, which subsides within a few days. Once you enjoy the tremendous effects of laser hair removal, you would not look back in the pain of waxing, irritation of hair removal cream and risk of razors. At the initial step, laser hair removal seems expensive, but it is very effective and economical in the long term. You also save the most precious asset you possess; time. Laser hair removal is devoid of pain and minimizes the chance of ingrown hairs. The process does not involve any razor burn and irritation caused by other hair removal techniques.

Safe and secure

The laser emitted from the hand held device targets specific hair follicles that are gentle and tender on the skin. This outstanding benefit of IPL is it works on people with dark skin color. The results are more noticeable after four to five sessions of treatment. After laser treatment, you may feel a slight burning sensation, redness, swelling and itching. These symptoms are common as that of other hair removals and fade within a few hours to days. Small patches of dark or lighter pigmentation can occur, but these are also temporary. The skin might become more sensitive and photon sensitive, which could be addressed by applying moisturizing and sun protection cream.

On the rarest of rare occasions, blistering, flaking or scarring of the skin occurs. Mostly these symptoms occur due to overexposure to the laser. If these signs arise, the individual must visit a dermatologist for proper medication. Mostly laser hair treatment involves minimal side effects and no complications. As no downtime is concerned, one can go to a salon for laser hair removal in lunch and return to work with no issues.

Lactating mother, a pregnant woman can undergo laser hair removal even in the bikini area. Laser hair removal does not cause infertility or harm ovaries or embryo as it does not have penetrating power to reach the region. The wavelength of the laser can reach up to hair follicles, not beyond that. As the abdominal structure consists of layers of tissues and muscles, a laser cannot break through it. The laser is intense light of a specific wavelength; light energy cannot disintegrate molecules, hence unaffecting DNA structure or cells.

Ionizing radiation like x-ray can penetrate obstacles and affect cells at a molecular level. Characteristic of laser is entirely different. However, as a precautionary measure, pregnant women, lactating mothers are recommended to avoid laser hair treatment, as there has not been enough research.

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