Native Applications And Web-Apps To Track Your Online Order 

In today’s era, everyone feels online shopping has made their life so much easier, and we can see this by the example of significant e-stores like Amazon, eBay, etc. These online shopping websites receive an overwhelming number of orders each day which are shipped regularly to their respective destination. Then there came a change in the story with the coming of drop shipping which eliminated the need for large storage homes for storing all products at one place for delivery.

Dropshipping also brought in the need for package tracking for both e-stores and customers to know where the parcel is at present and what the delivery status is. Package tracking services are generally provided by courier services or postal services updated at regular intervals and specific stops during the delivery.

The Easiest Way To Track Your Parcel By Tracking Number

Whenever you place an order on any e-store, a particular order id is generated at the moment. Once the order is in dispatch, a tracking id is also developed, which can be used by customers to track the parcel’s location. The shopping store often provides you the feature to track the package, but if not, several websites can provide information on the box.

Single package tracing website can have connections with many postal and courier services that means all you need is the name of the courier service through which the parcel is being delivered and the tracking id to เช็คพัสดุ status.

A Three-Step Process For Tracking Any Parcel From Your Mobile 

As told before, it could take some time after ordering anything from online shopping sites to generate the tracking id. But once you have the hold of it, all you need to do is make a Google search for package tracking and find a site that supports tracking your courier.

On the website, you will find the option to track the parcel, where you need to choose the courier service to begin the process. Often shopping sites send you an email or SMS regarding the details of postal service and tracking id. So it won’t be hard to find these details.

Under the courier service, insert the tracking id and other personal details if asked. And in a couple of minutes, you will be provided with the latest updates related to the package’s status.

Why Are Such Packages Tracing Websites Important?

Although e-stores themselves provide regular updates about the parcel, this information is often updated late, or sometimes people feel this information incomplete. So, with the help of order trackers like these, you can get detailed updates, and many courier services also provided pictures of your parcel, which are clicked at specific stops.

Moreover, if you cannot access your device or forgot the password to the e-store and cannot get updates, you can easily extract the tracking id from email or SMS and track the parcel with the help of these platforms. Also, many firms could need to track packages from various courier services, which again raises the need for a single platform to keep track of all orders.

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