Points to Remember while Purchasing Diamonds Rings

Diamond rings are jewellery for which every woman wants. It is the most fascinated jewellery woman craves for. Rings can be seen during wedding ceremonies, as gifts to someone.

How to buy best diamond rings?

  • Cut – diamond cut is the most important point to be noted while buying rings. It is the main reasons for the fire and sparkle seen in diamonds. Cut can be made in three ways – shallow cut, ideal cut and deep cut.
  • Colour- colour of the diamond is another important point to be noted. This colour of the diamond should be followed according to the diamond color chart. High quality diamonds can be seen colorless while the low quality diamond has a little tint of colour.
  • Clarity- clarity means the clarity which is seen on the surface of the diamond. It is the least important factor but should not be neglected at all.
  • Carat- it is mostly misunderstood as weight of the diamond which is very wrong concept. Carat actually affects the size of the diamonds used in these rings. The diamond carat size charts should be followed while choosing the correct diamond for the rings.
  • Shape- there is several kinds of diamond shapes used in rings. Some of the shapes are oval, princess, round, pear, emerald, heart, radiant, cushion, marquise and asscher.
  • Price- prices of the diamonds generally depends on per carat used. Each carat used has different prices and so diamond should be chosen as necessary.
  • Certification- the diamond bought should have certain certification as well as warranty periods so if any further problem occur, the company might help in difficulties.

Thus, all these are the necessary point which should not be neglected while purchasing rings made up of diamonds.

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