Proposal ring or Engagement ring- the ring that will remain on your finger forever 

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Proposal of marriage is one of the most beautiful moments in the life of a person. It is the Diamond ring ( แหวน เพชร, which is the term in Thai)  that makes all the difference between two people. A guy with an average diamond ring and a guy with an exquisite proposal ring can make it break the deal itself. Thus it becomes an obligation for every guy to find the best possible diamond ring fir proposal. And if you are Thailand then you might not have to look to someplace else rather than Love and Company. Diamond proposal ring from the house of Live and Company is much more stylish and elegant than any other Company’s jewellery.

Make the choice- select the best engagement ring from the house of Love and Company

Love and company is the most experienced company when it comes to the matter if diamonds like for example all the diamonds of love and company is accredited by IIDGR, the nodal agency with the work of grading diamonds in Thailand, on the other hand the experienced Craftsmen and artisans of Love and company always brings something new to the world of wedding jewelry, like most recently Love and co. have launched their new collections such as LVC PROMISE, LVC SOLEIL, LVC ALEGRIA, LVC AQUEEN, etc. 

All these designs are different from each other and thus helps the customer to choose from these vast selections of choices. The cut and clarity if the diamonds from the house if Love and company are beyond anyone’s expectation, not only they provide the usual 4C diamonds but they also provide their customers with the option of 5C diamonds. So, if you are in Thailand and thinking if proposing, then you better get the best Diamond proposal ring (แหวน เพชร งาน แต่ง  , which is the term in Thai) that too from the house of Love and Company.

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