Raffle Competition: A new Initiative of Crypto outfit towards Cryptocurrency

Starting from coming into the market as a funny joke, Bitcoin has now taken up a major part in the investor’s life. Initially, people did not want to invest in cryptocurrency as they had a constant fear in their minds that the money was going nowhere.

However, over a decade, it has become a point of delight for many. Starting from going in for shopping via online websites to making payments for the tuition classes, meals at the restaurant, for travels, etc., Bitcoin is being used in every field.

However, it is greatly observed that although the practice of Bitcoin has become popular, there is still a huge crowd around the globe who have no or very little knowledge about cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology, and Bitcoin.

So, in order to increase the popularity of this new concept, many fashion brands are coming up with a vision to create awareness about the future of e-commerce and cryptocurrency in a positive manner.

Mission Of The Company

The mission of the fashion brand, Cryptooutfit is to create a wave of awareness using the concept of visual sense. They design a classy and minimalist approach by designing a professional crypto logos on the casual wears so that your outfit does not look too loathsome.

These brands make the designs quite subtle so that the people who do not have a basic knowledge about cryptocurrency would take the design as a label. In short, this active step of the fashion brands is helping to create a curiosity among the people who do not have much knowledge about Bitcoin and crypto.


Cryptooutfit: The Reputed Fashion Brand

The apparels are customized using high-class material quality in order to attract the buyers for buying the Cryptooutfit at a cost-effective price. Apart from just using these ideas in terms of designs, these fashion brands are also trying to provide extra benefits to the customers in order to motivate them to buy these outfits. They are conducting a raffle Competition in order to attract the people towards their products and the concept of Cryptocurrency.

All About The Raffle Competition

To participate in the competition, you are required to buy products from the company’s site using the promo code “WIN1000” which will avail an additional discount of 15%. The participants can enter the live Instagram session at the given Entry time.

At the session, the top 10 winners will be shortlisted who will be allowed to pick up random boxes and try their luck to win $1000. You can check for the related details about the Raffle Competition at https://cryptooutfit.co.uk/pages/1000-raffle and also follow the company over Instagram @cryptooutfit.

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