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Sewing a dress is no simple thing; there are zillion of things to look after such as thread, type of stitch, finishing etc.  The first and foremost thing that sewer should concentrate on any sewing is their tread. Overlocking Thread is something vital in the sewing and tries to avoid making blunders while choosing it. Thread used for overlocking is different from the one you use in sewing machines. It is finer than other threads for regular sewing machine so as to avoid making bulky seams. These threads are smooth and consistent diameter. An overlocker is something referred as serge in the industry; newbie on the field often perplexed and scared to choose the thread since they have poor exposure on choosing the right one.  

Serger threads are available on various colors in the market and it is usually sold on a large spool which is called as cone in other words. In general, the length of thread on cone is measured as 3000 yards. It is possible to fish out the treads made of different materials such as cotton, polyester, nylon etc. The materials is usually chose in reference with type of clothe you are working on.


  • Nylon serger thread:


If you are working on elasticized fabric, sportswear, swim wear, then nylon serger thread is ideal for you. Since they are strong and withstand good pressure, it is ideal to prefer them for above mentioned options.


  • Polyester Serger thread:


Polyester threads are suitable for multi use and they are one of the most common types preferred by the people.


  • Cotton Serger thread:


Cotton threads are not strong as nylon or polyester serger thread. It is better to use them on woven materials along with polyester or nylon thread in the needle.


  • Woolly nylon Serger thread:


This is one of the best option amongst the all. Since they are soft, strong, textured, has the potent to stretch and recover, experts in the field use them for swimwear, sportswear, elasticized fabric, lingerie etc. If you are in a confusion to find the best one, then it is better to stick your choice to wolly nylon serger thread without any second choice.

Tips to choose the color of serger thread:

Choosing the colors of thread is also a crucial thing. There are zillion of colors available serger cones and investing on the right one is more important. If you are a newbie, then it is better to find out the basic colors that everyone should posses. Try to own four white cones, two on dark colors like navy blue, dark brown etc.  

Gone are the days when people spend more time to fish out something they want. Nowadays, internet brings in everything on the doorstep. It is possible to buy serger thread over online at best caliber.  Sticking to online shopping markets gives the exposure to explore wide range of option and choose the well deserved one. Analyzing the reviews before buying over online directs to products made of best caliber.


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