Sun with its might can hurt you

It is Sun that keeps us alive, but it is also the. The Sun that gives us problems like skin irritation, aging of the skin, acne, and other skin related issues. Now to fight off the harmful radiations coming from the Sun what you usually do? The answer that mostly given is that you use sunscreen. But there is a dark side a harmful side that is associated with the sunscreen products. The Global brands that produce sunscreen products are made up of chemicals; mainly; these chemicals are the cause of acne and irritation problems of the sensitive skins that arise after using the products. So what is the solution to the dual problem you may ask?

Protection from UV radiations

The answer to all problems related to harmful effects of sunscreen in sensitive skin, Kiehl’s have introduced a production Thailand that is sunscreen for sensitive skin (ครีมกันแดดสําหรับผิวแพ้ง่าย which is the term in thai). It is clinically tested by skin specialists that it can be used by sensitive skin types as well as normal skin type people. It helps in protecting the skin of the face from both UV radiations that are UVA and UV-B but at, the same time, it also protects your skin from the after-effects of using the sunscreen that is it does not give rise to either acne or to irritation in the skin. The product is called Ultra light Daily UV light SPF 50 PA+++.

It has minerals that in reducing any irritation and allergic reaction to that effect. It is devoid of any flavoring agents or oils; thus, it does not give skin excess oil to that effect, but it keeps the skin moisturized all day long. As the product has minerals infused into it, this helps in keeping the skin tone of the skin to remain at a constant unlike other brands available in the market, this product does not add another layer to your skin thus making your skin look pale white but it helps the process by removing pollutants from your skin and at the same time protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.

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