The Art Of Violin

Music heals healing power. We have a deep connection to music. Regardless of culture, everyone loves music. Researchers from McGill University in Canada conducted a study in 2011 which found that listening to music increases the amount of dopamine produced in the brain- a mood-enhancing chemical which is a feasible treatment for depression. Music therapy is widely suggested to treat mental health disorders. Listening to your favorite music makes you feel better and acts as an effective stress reliever.

Violin Music

Violin is a popular instrument played and enjoyed by people of all ages, young and old. Many parents would love to see their kids perform violin music in big concerts. Violin is the most difficult instrument to learn and parents worry about sending their children to learn violin because of the stress they have to go through to master the skills of violin playing. Violin is an expressive instrument and brings out many different emotions. It has the ability to express great sorrow. Parents should support their kids if they are interested in violin music. To learn the violin it takes time, patience and dedication. You need to start violin lessons when you are young to master it. The more you practice, the better you become.

Buying a Violin

Buying a violin is considered as an art and there are so many intricate details that make up a fine violin. If you are financially unstable, you can buy a used violin but you have to be careful that there are no cracks in the wood. Cracks make the violin difficult to play and lower the value of the instrument. The ribs, meaning the sides of the violin will often start to bulge out toward the front or back if the quality is poor. When you plan to buy a used violin, make sure the wood is aligned correctly and is symmetrical. Make sure the strings are the proper height away from the violin, the strings don’t buzz, the tone is adjusted properly, and the pegs turn smoothly. Violins are available in many different sizes. You have to select the right size violin that is comfortable to play. Don’t choose a music store that carries more than just a violin. Find dealers that deals in only quality made violins and all the accessories that go with them. Hand made violins are the best choice.

You need to learn the violin from a qualified teacher. The teacher should have the necessary credentials to be able to teach the true and correct way to play the violin. If you are a beginner looking for a student violin, violins for sale are available at the local violin shop or online. Michal Sanchez is an accomplished violinist  who teaches actionable techniques that will help the beginning student to the seasoned player. He owns a website which provides lessons and courses for violin students. Violins for sale are available in the online store on the website.


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