Things to consider before choosing a wine for your wedding day

If you’re thinking about having wine at your wedding, it’s important to choose a wine that pairs well with your menu and fits your style.

A good wine like quaff wine can make all the difference at a wedding. It can help set the tone for an elegant evening, or give guests something fun to drink during the party. But choosing the right bottle can be difficult — especially if you’re new to wine.

Here are some things to consider before choosing a wine for your wedding day:

How much do I want to spend on a bottle of wine?

The first step in choosing a bottle is figuring out how much you want to spend on each guest’s glass. The average cost of wedding wines ranges from $7 for a basic red table wine to $30 for an exceptional vintage that’s served only by the glass at restaurants like Eleven Madison Park in New York City. A decent middle ground is between $12 and $20 per person; however, some guests may prefer beer or cocktails instead of wine.

Consider the season. In hot weather, guests will likely prefer a light-bodied white with low alcohol content. You can also choose sparkling wine if you’d like something more festive for summer weddings. In cooler months, reds tend to be more popular because they pair well with hearty meals and the sweaters people wear during those months.

Make sure it’s age-appropriate. If you’re having a casual backyard reception, a fruity white or rosé is a great choice. If it’s an outdoor luncheon or picnic, champagne may be more appropriate than wine. For a formal sit-down dinner, try pairing wines with food courses instead of choosing one type of wine for the whole meal.

Consider who will be drinking it. If it’s just for adults, then you can serve whatever kind of wine you like best — but if there will also be children at your reception, think about whether they’ll like it too!

Choose something that fits in with your theme and style. If you’re having an elegant black-tie affair complete with tuxedoed waiters and white tablecloths, then maybe a vintage Bordeaux is more appropriate than a cheap bottle of Pinot Grigio from Trader Joe’s (though some people might disagree).

When picking out a bottle of wine for your wedding day, don’t just consider yourself and your spouse-to-be; think about how other guests will react as well. A good rule of thumb is not to offer any red wines at all since they tend to be more acidic and could cause indigestion in some people (or at least make them feel uncomfortable). Stick with white wines and keep an eye out for ones that have been produced organically or biodynamically (because we all know that organic wine tastes better).

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