Top 5 Features You Can Find In The Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair

If you’re in the market to find the right massage chair for you, you are in for a treat. One of the best chairs available today is the High-end Titan Pro Jupiter XL massage chair from The Modern Back, which is famous for its extensive range of features.

Whatever reason might be behind your shopping trip for a massage chair, the Titan Pro Jupiter XL might be your best option yet. Along with its co-top sellers,, this particular chair will alleviate any body pain and take you into a field of relaxation you’ve never been to before.

So, if you’re curious to know more about this luxurious and functional chair, here are the top five features you could be enjoying soon.

  1. 3D L-Track Rollers

Not all massage chairs come with 3D rollers or L-Track rollers; although it isn’t too difficult to find chairs that carry at least one of these rollers in them. However, it gets tricky when you expect both the 3d and the L-track rollers in the same chair. L-track rollers, which are often tossed around with the term S-track, is all about the movement of the roller from the neck downwards. With most massage chairs, though, you only get a 2D track, while you have a 3D L-track rollers with the Titan Pro Jupiter XL. This means you get better control over whether you want a stronger or lighter massage intensity should you wish.

  1. 44 Airbags

Most massage chairs have airbags, but seldom will you find ones around the head area. in the Jupiter XL, you 44 airbag systems distributed equally in areas such as the head, shoulder, lumbar, seat, and feet. Each airbag system serves its purpose, and you can even adjust its intensity to five different settings.

  1. Zero Gravity

Nowadays, you can find a lot of zero gravity massage chairs, but there are still some people who neglect to choose one with it. A zero gravity feature in massage chairs allow for the body to be in a reclined position from an angle of 128 degrees with the torso.  Apart from its extreme ability to relax you, it also benefits in conjunction with massages.

  1. 3 Heat Therapy Sources

You can’t always find heating systems featured in massage chairs, and when they do, they rarely cover all the important areas. With the Titan Pro Jupiter XL, you get three heat therapy sources in the lumbar, seat, and calf areas.

  1. 9 Auto Programs

Almost all massage chairs have different programs installed in it.Here, in particular, you get nine auto programs including relaxation, pain relief, sleeping, muscle, stretching, and combination.

Final Word

While there is now a wide selection of massage chairs for you to choose from, certainly, the Titan Pro Jupiter XL is here to compete. With its extensive range of features, you can fully maximize your chair to benefit you. As always, when choosing your chair, make sure to visit a dedicated showroom so you can feel and test it before you purchase.

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About the Author: Paul Watson