Top Trending Home Design Styles for 2023 & Beyond

Fashion and trends are certainly not just concerned with clothing and accessories but also to home décor and interior design too. 

For fashion-forward designers everywhere, here are the top trending home design styles for 2023 and beyond. 


One of the top emerging interior design trends this year is the concept of neoclassicism.

Essentially, this is represented by the veritable comeback of symmetrical lines and the positioning of furniture carefully in each room to be a more uniform and formal layout. Neoclassicism is reminiscent of a bygone era, with an air of grandeur, sophistication and elegance. 

Iron & Silver Accents

Giacometti has influenced designers of other fashion houses and high-street home decor in equal measure by popularising iron and silver detailing. 

Think decorative, ornate bowls on the dining table, detailed candlesticks in the hall and corridor and beautifully intricate iron hardware on coffee tables and side tables. 

Ostentatious Seating

Another hugely popular interior design trend that is as popular in the UK as it is overseas is the move towards more overstated and even ostentatious seating choices, especially in rooms tailored towards relaxation, such as the bedroom and lounge. 

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Stone Trims

Both stone and marble are experiencing a huge resurgence in the minds of interior designers at the top of their game right now, and wonderfully, such an addition to your own home décor is one of the simpler fashionable choices. 

The use of marble is by no means a new trend, but the combination of stone mouldings and marble on the outside of a door frame or on the trim of a windowsill serves to give any room a sense of the dramatic. 

The Colour Pink

Colours, both in terms of clothing and accessories and home design and décor, always tend to dramatically shift between fashion seasons, and right now, the colour pink is blazing a trail.

Corals, peaches, mauves and baby pinks are all serving to inject a softer and entirely more feminine feel to a room, and the beauty is you can choose striking and edgier ornaments and items of furniture with such pink accents as the ideal contrast. Alongside pastel pinks, light browns are also seemingly the most desired colours in interior design this year. 

Statement Glass Pieces

Finally, the other trending fashion in interior design and home décor that is exceedingly prominent currently is that of statement glass, inspired in part by the grand designs of cathedrals and holy buildings in Italy and across the continent. 

Vintage pieces, such as a 1970s-inspired chandelier with beautiful glass panelling, are a perfect example of how to use statement glass to create a real sense of excitement in a room, as are statement glass items on the windowsill of the bathroom and on kitchen countertops. 

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