What are some of the Best Swiss Watches?

So, you decided to get an excellent Swiss watch and are willing to pay a relatively large amount for them. But purchases like this don’t make on a whim! To make a good choice, you should be aware of the fashion watch and the latest technology and understand the classification of many brands and manufacturers. There’s a more accessible option: spend a few minutes exploring the reviews, where you can find the best viewing updates in different price categories.Grab one such watch at furfurfriend.com.

Patek Philippe. 5320g perpetual calendar clock

The most interesting of the latest Patek innovations even hours, no one reads. The chronometer mechanism is defined to take into account a leap forward; a different number of days in months can show the exact time and date of at least 100 years.

The idea itself is not new – it is the third incarnation of PP watches of the sample of the 40s. The vintage design of the novelty highlights the similarities of “grandson” and “grandfather” to the maximum. More smartwatches– only for you.

Benefits you

  • The appearance of the stand is an elegant white gold case and a crocodile strap with a gold buckle;
  • Anti-sapphire crystal sapphire with anti-conceptual coating;
  • A day/night indicator showing the stages of the moon;
  • Inside – ultra-China mechanical with automatic paving;
  • Sufficient power reserve (up to 45 hours);
  • The ability to adjust the calendar, if necessary;
  • The minimum error is -3. + 2 seconds a day;
  • The perfect readings of the dial, even at high angles;
  • Included are two hats – transparent with solid white gold sapphire crystal, as is the case.

Omega Seamaster professional 300m – luxury “divers.”

One of the most famous manufacturers of Swiss watches continues to expand its successful diving line. What all models have in common remains a dial with cone waves, a wide frame with extensive metrics, and an additional crown that controls the helium valve.

Benefits you:

  • Good reserve strength, reach 55 hours;
  • Antimagnetic defense mechanism;
  • The water resistance of the clock is up to 300 m (with the valve turned off, it drops to 50 m);
  • Bright phosphorus on the hands and hour marks;
  • The durable and durable ceramic panel that does not itch like metal;
  • Transparent back cover through which you can see the work of mechanics.

Spare you

  • The small, changing design of this watch has already begun to decline;
  • For many, the helium valve will only be an unnecessary complication.

Benefits you:

  • Mechanism with automatic paving and adequate retention (42 hours);
  • Transparent invisible sapphire crystal with anti-conceptual coating;
  • A good indicator of water resistance – up to 100m.

Tissot v8 auto chronograph – chronograph available

Precise and functional watches – a rare combination of characteristics for a cheap model. the chronograph also boasts informative dialing with three additional counters (30 minutes, 6 hours, and stopwatch), plus a tachymeter scale on the front board.

Benefits you:

  • Durable sapphire crystal.
  • Automatic traffic with a 45-hour power reserve without paving.
  • A good indicator of water protection – up to 100 m.
  • The successful location of chrono-counters does not overload the dial and facilitate reading.
  • The clock quietly transmits the fall without losing the accuracy of the movement;
  • Transparent back cover.

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