What’s Trending In Customised Silver Jewelry? Let’s Find out At Nayab

Nayab is a galore of silver jewelry that is popular for its unique designs and impressive quality. Personalised jewelry is the major attraction of Nayab that makes it one of a kind. Whether you are celebrating your love or remarking your anniversary, the personalised jewelry by Nayab will always surprise you with its collection.

The unique jewelry ideas will leave you spellbound and make you want to invest more in these. If you are looking for the perfect personalised silver jewelry for your loved ones, then here are a few trending pieces from Nayab that are complete stunners. 

  1. Nayab Secret Proposal Ring

It is the perfect gift to express your feelings towards your beloved. This secret proposal ring comes with a secret message inside, which is engraved. You can customise what you want to write on the ring. The outer cover of bedazzling rhinestones will hide the message, and when your loved ones open the ring, they will see the message. It is a perfect proposal ring that is currently trending. It was during this Valentine’s day that this ring was most sold. 

  1. Signature Style Pendant

While there are many name pendants written in simple fonts, you will always fall for ones that are unique and outstanding. This signature style pendant is exactly what you need. Just like the name suggests, this name on the pendant will be written in signature style that gives it a more alluring look. It is sterling silver, so you don’t have to worry about the colour. You will also get a strong silver chain along with it. 

  1. King-Queen Silver Ring

King and Queen never go out of trend, and Nayab has given it an attractive twist that makes it worth every penny. In sterling silver, there is a blue aqua stone that gives a subtle yet extravagant look. The adjustable size makes it ideal for everyone. The polish will also stay forever, so you never have to worry that it will lose its shine. 

  1. Silver Circle Pendants

You will never run out of love from pendants, and Nayab will offer you plenty of options to spoil your choice. This particular personalised pendant is something that your lady love would like. There are three circles that are intertwined. You can add either name or important dates to the circles. It comes with a sterling silver chain and well-polished work. You can gift this to your loved ones or even friends. 

  1. Engraved Beads Bracelets

When it comes to personalised jewelry, bracelets are a top priority. On this, you can engrave name on bracelet made with beads. It is a unisex product that is equally preferred by men and women. You can also gift it like a friendship band and gift it to your friends. It is a unique and stylish personalised gift for your loved ones that they can wear daily. There are sterling silver beads on the bracelet that are beautifully inserted in the bracelet.

  1. Engraved Silver Bracelet

When we are talking about bracelets, how can we forget about this amazing custom made bracelet? It is a single bracelet that gives an illusion of two: one is knotted, other is simple. You need to decide what you want to engrave on your bracelet, and the rest will be taken care of by the team.

The Bottom Line

When you think about personalised jewelry, you must only think about Nayab – the one-stop destination for pure personalised silver jewelry. The range of unique design ideas will confuse you among the choices. 

Don’t wait anymore. Get your hands on the trending customised jewelry from Nayab right away!

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About the Author: Paul Petersen