4 Frequently Asked Questions on Denim Jeans

5 Most-Asked Questions About Jeans, Answered

Over the last few decades, jeans have come to the forefront as everyday casual wear from being just weekend only wear. With casual Fridays on the rise, people can be seen wearing jeans to work, play, out on dates, and everything in between. Jeans have evolved tremendously over the past few years, and there are numerous styles and types of jeans to choose from. Sandro jeans are among the most versatile pieces of denim available in the market. With the fashion trends constantly changing on the horizon, people might have plenty of questions about the kinds of jeans that are right for them and ways to maintain them. Here are a few of them answered to make their shopping experience a little smoother. 

1. What Are the Current Fashion Trends in Denim?

Wide leg and boot-cut jeans are the denim trend that is on top of the charts right now. Although the wide flares may seem outdated, the updated slim versions of these jeans are right on the money. They pair very well with heeled ankle boots and look super sleek. The next in line is the loose-fitting ripped jeans that bring out a laid-back feature to any look. Straight-cut jeans combine the sleek, sexy look of the skinny with a new twist that is in this year. Light colours and faded jeans have seen an influx this year as colour denim is on the decline. 

2. Is it Too Late to Hop Back into A Pair of Jeans?

 Many people might have avoided or let go of wearing denim jeans as they were woefully disappointed with the ruggedness, not fitting their body type or the limited selection in terms of style and waistline. But styles have changed immensely now. Not only are there numerous styles and designs in denim pants, but there are also great combinations of fabrics like jeans with cotton and stretch that ensure a much better look and fit than they ever did in the past. Sandro jeans are designed in proportion to fit real women at all their fit points like waist, rise, hip, thigh, leg opening and knee, and also come in printed designs. Therefore, now is the best time to get back into those trendy pairs of jeans. 

3. Can Any Woman of Any Size Wear Skinny Jeans?

The answer is yes. Any woman of any size can wear skinny jeans. Period. The critical thing is to find a pair of jeans that are comfortable and fit right. Skinny jeans are available in different fits like low waist, mid-rise pull, and others, eliminating the button and zipper struggles. Stretchable jeans fabric is a perfect choice for people looking for a regular or curvy fit. 

4. How Frequently Must One Wash Jeans?

This is an age-old question that has been open to debate to date. While many types of clothing require regular wash after each use, jeans do not fall in that category. Experts suggest that as denim jeans are made of thicker materials than regular t-shirts, they can be washed after ten or so uses or whenever they start to give an unwanted odour. They suggest that the less they wash their jeans, the better it is. As washing them frequently might dull their colour and lose stretch. In between, one can freshen their jeans using fabric fresheners to remove mild odours and add a sense of freshness in the feel. 

Popular online shopping websites like Sandro provide an array of fashionable denim collections made of high-quality fabrics to suit the needs of all.

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