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The custom flip flops for weddings make the guests happy: there are always those who cannot wait to take the party jump and dance at ease with the little skirts. If you are keen to have sandals as gifts for the guests, check out the complete guide that we have prepared for you to remove any doubts.

How to calculate the right amount of custom flip flops for weddings?

Obviously you do not want to overdo the number of flip flops for your party. Therefore, the indication is always to make for 50 to 60% of the total number of guests.

S-Cards recommend asking the customer to order 10% more than the number of guests. “This avoids any problem and lack that may occur during the party,” he explains.

How to calculate the quantity of each numbering?

Custom flip flops for weddings

  • Custom weddings for weddings, by S-Cards.

According to Sandals Company, the numbering account for custom flip flops for weddings can be made as follows:

If you plan to distribute the flip flops to all the guests (men and women), the recommendation is:

35/36 – 20%; 37/38 – 30%; 39/40 – 20%; 41/42 – 20%; 43/44 – 10%.

If you plan to distribute just for women, the suggestion is:

35/36 – 40%; 37/38 – 50%; 39/40 – 10%.

How much time in advance to order?

When it comes time to ask, it is essential to keep an eye on the deadline – ideally, the request should be made approximately two months in advance. S-Cards warns that it is necessary to take into account the time of the suppliers and the arrival of the materials, so they usually advise that customers make this request with up to two months in advance. In the havaianas sale you will be getting the best deal now.

For brides who want to buy from online stores, the ideal is to ask a little more in advance – because if you have a problem in the delivery, there is enough time to talk to another company.

How much does it cost to make the custom flip flops?

The value of custom wedding flip flops can vary greatly. The cost will depend on the material used, the customizations and applications that the customer wants to place, according to S-Cards.

An item that cannot be forgotten at the time of making the budget is the calculation of freight, especially for those who ask for the internet. There are websites that charge a value on account in unit value, but when it comes time to calculate freight, the customer takes a fright.

How to choose the print or personalization of the flip flop?

In the opinion, the material chosen makes all the difference. “If you make a basic, non-embellished, non-customizing, totally smooth, simple and basic material, it will not appreciate as much as when you use lightly textured material. There are some websites that specialize in selling custom flip flops for weddings. Before placing the order, it is good to be able to evaluate some characteristics of the product. See 5 questions to ask the supplier and ensure incredible flip-flops for the wedding!

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