What’s the Top Standing Desk Brand for 2019?

It’s probably time to re-do the office. In fact, it was probably time for a remodel about 5 years ago. It is never too late or too early to start rethinking of ways to make the workplace more friendly and efficient. A great way to do that is a standing desk. Whether a receptionist, programmer, or manager is looking for a better way to work, the fastest way to improve the work day is a standing desk.

When looking online, a million companies sell a million standing desks, and it can be really hard to decipher what the best option is. Here are the top three brands for standing desks in 2019, ordered from three to one.

Top Three Standing Desk Companies

Three – Serta

That’s right, the mattress and bedding brand makes standing desks and other pieces of office furniture. The standing desks from Serta are a great option for those looking to buy from a furniture store, as the products are usually sold in person. The features are limited, but they look great in any office.

Two – Amazon Basics

The Amazon Basics brand covers everything from clothing to, yes, office furniture. The Amazon Basics brand also makes office chairs if that is something a worker needs for a rest. With a number of options on the popular ecommerce site, users can order from Amazon and get a standing desk that gets the job done.

Best Brand – Autonomous

Autonomous makes everything from office chairs, standing desks, and accessories all aimed at a more ergonomic office experience. The products sold on Autonomous are a better quality than anything on the market, and discounts are available for those ordering in bulk for the whole office. The premier option, the SmartDesk 2 – Business Edition, is still cheaper than most standing desks, and offers so much more than the competition. There are plenty of things to love about this desk, but the most special part of the entire thing is the ability to program the perfect height into the desk itself. With a push of a button, standing at work is possible at work in seconds.

Feel like trying a new standing desk? Autonomous is the best bet for a great work experience. Order the SmartDesk 2 in a few different models, as well as various and dynamic designs and colors. Check out the whole array of desks here.

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About the Author: Rose Rush