Best Women’s Motorcycle Jackets

If you’re new to the world of motorcycles, you may not realize the critical role that motorcycle jackets play. Most of those outside the lifestyle probably view the motorcycle jacket as a fashion statement saying, “I’m a motorcycle rider.” While that is part of it, motorcycle jackets also do their part to keep the rider safe. It’s all about the material, and we’ll break it down. So you know what material provides the best safety for women’s motorcycle jackets and just how that is achieved. 

Jackets for Entry-Level Riders

New riders come to the right place if they don’t know how to shop for women’s motorcycle jackets. Believe it or not, some jackets with mixed materials besides leather can provide excellent protection. For example, the First Manufacturing Holli Women’s Jacket has a rough denim body, a leather hood, and full-grain leather sleeves. The full-grain leather is an excellent material for abrasion resistance. 

The Joe Rocket Majestic Women’s Motorcycle Jacket has a more modern and sleek look. The jacket was designed for maximum airflow and protection. New lightweight CE armor was used, and it has full ventilation. The jacket also comes with a CE-rated spine pad for the best protection.

Jackets for Intermediate and Expert Riders

The Klim Avalon Mesh Jacket features Karbonite Mesh. The Karbonite Mesh provides massive airflow and is also 750 times stronger than the polyester mesh used in most traditional women’s motorcycle jackets. That’s a gigantic jump in strength! The jacket’s stellar strength is due to the heavy abrasion and tear-resistant military-grade mesh. If you want protection, the Klim Avalon Mesh Jacket has it in spades.

For you aggressive lady riders out there, the Alpinestars Stella T-Jaw Women’s Textile Jacket may be a great match for you. The jacket is made with a 450D poly-fabric shell with strategically-reinforced 600D. This feature makes the jacket ideal for high-impact areas and racing. Therefore, more experienced riders would benefit from this jacket. Extra features can be added to this jacket for additional costs. Most of these different features are also safety-related add-ons. 


If I’ve done my job right, you can see how women’s motorcycle jackets are much more than just a fashion statement. Accidents happen, and to lessen the odds of one and the overall impact, safety precautions must be taken into account. Safety should be the first priority when shopping for women’s motorcycle jackets. Then you can focus on the look. 

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About the Author: Paul Petersen