Check these tips when choosing toys for 1-year-olds

Toddlers are explorers who learn by doing, play offers your child a fantastic opportunity to practice and develop new skills at her pace by following her particular interests. The playthings and toys for 1 year olds have available to her can mold their development in meaningful ways. While it may seem like selecting toys for toddlers must be easy, as you walk into a toy store, you may feel overwhelmed. There is a broad array of toys that have been produced for the toddler market. These toys provide some ideas for picking toys that will nurture your child, and challenge her language, thinking, and social-emotional skills.

Toys are a necessary and enjoyable part of every child’s development. Yet, they can come also with risks too. Parents need to check the toys of their children and monitor them as they play. Below is a useful guide to consider when buying toys for your toddlers.

Consider these helpful tips when buying for your 1-year-old toys

Look for toys that will grow with your kids

  • Small plastic animals are enjoyable for young children who make a shoebox house for them. While the older toddler can use them to make a story she makes up. Some examples are action figures and plastic toy animals, dump trucks, dolls, and stuffed animals.

Choose toys that encourage problem-solving and promote exploration

  • The play offers children the chance to practice new skills, and toys that offer kids a chance to discover something on their own. Help them to become persistent problem-solvers and promote their logical thinking skills. They aid toddlers to develop spatial relations skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. Examples are blocks, puzzles, art materials, shape-sorters, crayons, paint, or play-dough.

Provide your child the chance to play with real stuff that looks like the real thing

  • Your child is getting good at determining how objects in their world work like light switches, television, or remotes. They may also be interested in playing with your real stuff like your phone. Toys like this aid children learn spatial relations, problem-solve, and promoting fine motor skills. Examples food, plastic dishes, toy phone, musical instruments, brushes, child-size brooms, and dustpans.

Look for toys that motivate your child to be active

  • Toddlers are doing various kinds of physical tips as they are more confident and stronger with their bodies. You must be a supportive audience for your little one’s playground achievement. Search for toys that aid your child practice recent physical skills and boost new ones. Examples are plastic bowling sets, balls of various sizes and shapes, and child-size basketball hoops.

Search for toys that encourage cross-generational play

  • While kids and adults can enjoy almost anything together, several toys are made for adult participation. Board games encourage matching, counting, and memory skills, also self-control and listening skills.a

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