Boot-Up: Tracing The History Of The Fashionable Boot Today

Fashionable footwear may be a classification under the umbrella fashion industry, but it is an industry in its own right. Shoes can make or break an outfit. There is a range of footwear types available in the market. Certain types of shoes should or shouldn’t be worn with certain kinds of outfits. For example, wearing sandals with full pants looks discomfiting and is an enormous “no-no” in the fashion industry.

Women and men try to own various footwear types and follow the latest trends—one undeniable trend; boots. Boots started as workwear and protective gear. Today, they are an inseparable part of the chic and boho trend. Boots have a growing fanbase, seen in the dedicated brands like The Ugg Store, which sell a plethora of boots.


The earliest boots were estimated to be used as early as 1000BC. These boots consisted of three separate parts – a legging, a sole and an upper. They were an extension of a shoe to give better coverage to the ankle. Later on, they became a single piece, the official forefather of the boots people see in shops today. One of the primary boot-wearers were unsurprisingly those in cold regions. These boots were made from reindeer or seal skin and had soft linings. They protected the feet during the winter. These boots soon made it across the world through Asia and China. Native Americans were also among the first boot-wearers, using animal skin, especially sheep.

Later on, the design of the boots was taken up by the military all over the world. Around the 17th century, boots became a mass fashion, though the military ones heavily influenced these styles. The Hessian army wore these boots in the American Revolutionary War, inspiring the “heeled boots” made famous by cattle-breeders in Western America (Cowboys).


There are two main classifications of boots, by size and by design. Size-wise, boots come in many sizes ranging from ankle-length (which are just a level above covered shoes) to thigh-high boots (which come up to the mid-thigh region). Each size of boot relates to a different fashion type.

Style-wise, there are numerous styles depending on usage from fashion to sports, work, and leisure (like riding or skiing). Some of the more well-known types are,

Ugg Boots

Ugg boots are unisexual and made of sheepskin. These boots originate from here in Australia and are made from a “twin-faced sheepskin”. The inside of the boots have a soft lining from the sheep’s mane, and the outside is more tanned and sleek in comparison. According to The Ugg Store, dark suede colours are popular, though they can be dyed in various colours.

Cowboy Boots

Still, a fashion statement in the West of America, Cowboy boots usually come with pointed toes and mid-calf height. They are typically made of leather. These boots also come in various flashy designs with velvet coatings and embellished embroidery. They are perfect for horse-riding.

Chelsea Boots

These boots appear more formal as their height is just above the ankle. They have an elastic side-panel that increases comfort and a loop of fabric at the back, which helps pull the boot up faster.

Heeled Fashion Boots

These boots come with a stiletto heel and in varying sizes. A fashion boot is any boot that is worn for style rather than utility (for example, riding boots or work boots). According to The Ugg Store, though, fashion boots ranging from ankle-length to mid-calf can be just as comfortable as they are trendy.

About the Author: Rose Rush