Women’s Tops: Fashion Must-Haves

Dressing up is a very fun way to express yourself and to keep yourself happy and excited. Some would say that fashion must be high-quality and stylish, and it must be chic and trendy. But honestly, fashion is being confident with whatever you wear and how you pull it off. It doesn’t matter if it is in or out of the current trend. What matters is how you flaunt your beautiful body to the rest of the world. Of course, your outfit would not be complete without the essentials, like tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories. The majority of women are very knowledgeable about the different types of clothing that exist, but others are somehow clueless. To them, everything is just generally the same. There are only tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories.

Read on to know about some basic types of women’s tops that everyone must-have.

Classic Round-Neck T-Shirt

A round-neck T-shirt is a classic. It can be a plain white or plain black shirt. A plain shirt is essential and a must-have in every wardrobe since you can never go wrong with the basics. Fitted plain shirts are very versatile; you can style them in numerous ways. Loose and oversized T-shirts are also a go-to for most women. They are perfect during a casual day or when running errands. There are also graphic tees. They are a good fashion statement piece if you want to achieve that 90s vibe. T-shirts are indeed very versatile and comfortable.

Off-Shoulder Tops

These tops are perfect for flaunting those gorgeous collar bones. They would accentuate and enhance your shoulders and make them broader and sexier. The only struggle you’ll have when wearing off-shoulder tops is that you cannot wear your regular bra underneath. You will need to wear something like a tube or a strapless bra. You’ll also have a problem when raising your hand sometimes. Nevertheless, off-shoulder tops are still very comfortable to wear, and they will surely make you even more stunning. They are perfect for dates or casual going out with friends.

Crop Tops

If you are in the mood to show more skin, crop tops are your best friend. There are thousands of designs that you can choose from and wear. Crop tops are also very easy to style. You can pair them with high-waist jeans or shorts. And nowadays, low-rise jeans are going back to the trend. They are paired with crop tops too. You’ll look like you had made a lot of effort in creating your outfit when, in fact, it only takes you a few minutes to pull off a stunning look. Crop tops are effortlessly beautiful.

Tank and Halter Tops

Another way to show off your shoulders and collarbones is to wear halter tops or tank tops. They are also very classy and comfortable. You can easily style them by tucking them in high-waist bottoms.

Turtleneck Tops

Want that Korean vibe? Then turtleneck or choker tops are the perfect outfits for you. Although they are not recommended during warm days, you can still wear them on casual to semi-formal occasions. You can layer them underneath a coat, dress, or another tank top. They are super perfect for giving you that sleek and polished look.

Some of the women’s tops you must have in your closet are the classic round-neck T-shirts, off-shoulder tops, crop tops, tank tops, halter tops, and turtle neck tops. The world is your runway. Don’t be afraid to wear something that speaks volume about you. You only need to be confident, and you’ll surely rock those outfits.

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