Different blouses to style your sarees

We are all no strangers to the fact that a blouse plays a significant role in the overall appearance of your saree. Six yards of drape is the quintessential attire of the majority of Indian women out there. There are different types of sarees for women, and it is very crucial to find the right kind of blouse for your saree.

The following blouses can be worn with sarees:

  • Deep V-neck saree blouse design

The neckline is the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a blouse. A deep V-neck saree blouse design embellished with mirrors catches eyes like no other. These blouse designs were originally designed to highlight your collarbone and enhance the overall appearance of your saree.

  • High-neck saree blouse design

This saree design is the one that has a high back, either with or without a cutout. A high-neck saree blouse comes in a unique design that has both a high and a deep-cut neck. There are different sarees for women available in the market, and opting for a high-neck saree blouse will be an ideal choice and best for a quintessential vintage look. This design makes you look comfortable and stylish at the same time.

  • Lacework saree blouse design

Most women wear lace blouses with flowing sarees, and they give your saree a delicate look. You can experiment with different lace weaves to create new looks with your clothing. The sheer pattern at the back of the blouse contrasts nicely with the raw silk fabric on the sleeve edges. A lacework saree blouse design is preferred for night parties and cocktail events. You can choose this blouse design for women’s sarees.

  • Cape saree blouse design

A cape saree blouse design is a mix of modern and ethnic elements. This type of blouse is one of the most popular designs, with a decent proportion of coverage. A cape-style blouse with embroidered cape sleeves and a square back neck stands out from the crowd! When it comes to selecting a saree for women, only those that complement the cape saree blouse design should be considered.

  • U-neck saree blouse design

U-neck blouse designs are worn by most women out there.Embellished round neck blouses with beautiful artwork gives you a very magnificent look. One should opt for a bold design on the neckline as it would look impeccable!

  • Boat-neck saree blouse design

A boat-neck blouse has a wide neckline that runs horizontally to the shoulder bone and then across the collarbone.The best part is that you can do a little mix and match with the dress and combine it with other styles such as full sleeves, quarter sleeves, or mega sleeves.

When selecting a saree, you should also consider the blouse design, as it is the most important part of the lookthat will have an impact on yourfinal look.


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