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As we all know the fans of the mate, to enjoy this infusion it is necessary to always have the necessary utensils. Among them, it stands out the thermos, device that serves to maintain the heat of the water and that, as you will see in the following article, is not easy to choose and must be finely cared for. Find out here what issues you should take into account to choose a thermos and how you should take care of it so that it stays in conditions for much longer.

The choice of thermos

Of course, choosing any object will depend on your needs, and in this case the question is simple: What do I need the thermos for? Saying that you need to drink mate is true, but it is not a conclusive answer. The thermos will be used to drink mate, and at the same time we will have to choose one that can contain the amount of water necessary to do it. Am I going to drink mate alone? Will I do it as a couple? With friends? Without a doubt, the size of the thermos that you acquire will depend to a great extent on it.

Regarding its quality, you can choose a glass or steel thermos, both recommended but each one with its particularities. If you choose a glass, try not to fall because of course, it will break inside.

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Let’s talk about your care

It is essential that the thermos always keep the water at temperature, and for this to happen after a lot of use it is necessary to take care of it correctly. The main thing in relation to the care of the thermos has to do with the situation of avoiding blows.

In case it is not clear, the idea is that you can use it every time you use warm water to heat the thermos, and then throw the whole amount of water (already hot) that you plan to prepare mattes . Although you do not believe, this is important regarding the conservation of the thermos and its ability to always maintain the water at temperature. So now knowing all, you can have the best insulated tumbler purchased.

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Always try to use the thermos for the same, since that way you will have a device purely and exclusively destined for the priming of your mates. Avoid introducing juices or cold water there, do not put in the thermos coffee or other drinks, because if you are a true fan of the mate you will have bought purely and exclusively to prime and take care of it accordingly.

To take your coffee wherever you go and enjoy it as if it were freshly made, you must have the best thermos for coffee. From thermos shop we will give you the best advice and we will show you the best offers. Choosing where to buy a thermos for coffee is easy, fast and cheap.

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