Quick Guide on Vintage Watch Repairing and Services

We tend to throw away anything that is no longer functional. This is the harsh reality of the discarded environment we have evolved into. Fortunately, regular quick maintenance services or repairs, which are normally substantially cheaper than replacement costs, can have your watch restored in less time than it takes to shop for a new model! 

In today’s fast-paced society, we don’t have time to sit down and reflect on the past. Because the time you could spend admiring and enjoying your antique watch is valuable, I advise you to avoid wasting it by hopping from one watch store to the next in search of someone who can repair it. There aren’t many of us watchmakers left who know how to repair antique/vintage watches. Restoration of antique clocks and vintage watches is a delight- in which patience, precision, and perseverance are- required to repair a damaged- watch or broken part. It should be handled- by a vintage specialist only. When parts of a vintage watch become worn and rusted, they- must be replaced. If you’re looking for Vintage Rolex Repair Arizona, look no further.

When your watch breaks, it’s a great time to learn how repairing is beneficial for the environment and your money than throwing it away and buying a new one. Here’s a quick approach to watch repairs and revamping at Daytona Watch Repair Mesa.

Avoid attempting to repair your watch at home:

We wouldn’t recommend attempting to fix your watch at home unless you’re a certified professional. The interior workings of timepieces are fascinating, yet these watches are made up of many small pieces. There can be as many as 300 to 500 tiny pieces or more in a sophisticated development! Furthermore, if you are not attentive in your use of the appropriate tools and processes, each of these components can quickly be lost.

Signs that your watch needs to be serviced:

Watches require routine maintenance to stay in good working order and maintain time. Luxury timepieces are designed to last a lifetime and can last for ten years or more. However, there are a few warning signals to; look out for that could indicate an issue is developing.

  1. Any evidence of dampness or condensation on the glass should be dealt with as soon as possible.
  2. A change in the way your watch functions. For instance, poor timekeeping.
  3. If a watch is exposed- to precise levels of an attracting field from something as simple as speakers, microwaves, or X-Rays, it might become charged and perform erratically.

Why choose Ridley Watchmakers?

Perhaps you have a piece of family history that has been stashed away for far too long because it was deemed unrepairable? Put your piece in our expert hands and, it will be restored- to life.  Repairing vintage watches can be difficult because many of the components are no longer accessible. Nevertheless, we can use our watchmaking expertise to create the missing parts, restoring your antique vintage watch to working order in no time. Restoration of an antique or vintage watch is more than just restoring it; it’s about bringing it back to life because every part has a storey to tell.


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