Flowers To Give To A Man

Do you want to have a detail with a man and do not know what to give him? Is Father’s Day coming and you do not know the best option to surprise him?

Flowers are always a gift to help you never make a mistake, but if you want to go a step further, we offer you a list of the best plants to give to a man.


This indoor plant is an exotic gift native to tropical America, especially from Brazil and Peru. With this plant, you will add warmth and dynamism to the interior of your home. It has very striking leaves and a peculiar shape and color. The perfect gift for a man’s home, even a temple; Wreath to Wat Si Iam Temple (พวงหรีดวัดศรีเอี่ยม which is the term in Thai)

Bora Bora

In this set of plants, the protagonist is the orchids. You will be able to fill any room you are in, as well as adding color and luminosity to the room.


You will not fail if you give this set of plants to a man. Composed of cyclamen, a Vittoria, feathery asparagus, and an ivy, you will get a perfect gift that will harmonize with the masculine energy without hesitating a single moment.


With this plant of original red flowers is a perfect example of a gift of plants for men. It is native to the tropical zones of Central and South America. Initially, it was discovered in Costa Rica. It is doubly decorative since it has attractive flowers of an intense red and very bright green leaves.


This set of plants is formed by a dracaena marginata, a beautiful chrysanthemum, cyclamen, a phytonia, and an ivy. You will never fail with this set of plants that radiates masculinity and sobriety at the same time that it gives off elegance.


This white orchid plant gives off elegance and is a perfect choice if you decide to give plants to a man. The harmony and balance of this set endow the plant with its own personality that will bring luminosity to any environment of the house in which it is located.

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