The Summer and Flowers

Summer is accompanied by an explosion of joy, warmth, and color, and what better way to celebrate than to surround ourselves with the best summer plants and flowers. Fill your home with summer plants and your garden with the most colorful flowers of the season. We have prepared a selection with flowers and summer plants so that you can choose the ones that best suit your tastes, your decoration style, and your space. And remember that a summer bouquet will be the best gift for that special occasion. Discover the best flowers and plants to enjoy this summer, surrounded by its aromas and colors.

Summer Flowers, Colors In Your Bouquet And On Your Terrace

We are experts in summer flowers, and for this season we present a selection of flowers that unfold very well with the high summer temperatures.

Roses Red, pink, white, orange. Summer roses are already beginning to look spectacular. Roses display their aromas in gardens but do not resist giving bouquets of red roses this summer to the special people of your life or choose a composition with roses and lilies in orange tones that will fascinate whoever receives it at home.

You find them in a thousand colors: blue, violet, white, red, even combining two colors in the same flower. The petunias give the color note to the most dazzling gardens, terraces, and balconies this summer. Enjoy its heyday in summer and lengthen its flowering until autumn.

White Daisies: A classic with which you always look good. White daisies bring joy to any room. It is a very resistant flower that needs little care. If you enjoy it this summer in a pot, you should water it two or three times a week and try not to have excess water. Surround yourself with a bouquet of white daisies this summer in your home and give that touch of light to your home.

Verbena: It is an ideal plant to place in the garden or in any pot. Its flowers, although they are small, are beautiful and will bring a lot of color to any place where you decide to place them. It is a romantic plant that fills any pot or garden with shine and delicacy.

Peonies: This flower attracts attention both for its color and its size. The peony will fascinate you, by the way, its petals open, little by little until it unfolds all its beauty. The variety of colors of the peony is another aspect to take into account: from the palest roses, passing through the fuchsias, garnets, reddish, yellow, and even the innocence of white. This summer I give a bouquet of Wreath to Wat Thong (พวงหรีดวัดธาตุทอง which is the term in Thai) peonies.

Carnations: The carnations shine when the summer knocks on the door. Enjoy its joy in the form of color and surround yourself with the aroma that the bouquets of carnations give off this summer.

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