How To Dress Your Short, Curvy Body by Nikola Valenti?

When dressing a petite and curvy figure, the key objectives are to extend the body and minimize the appearance of flaws. Your large breast and, maybe, slim waist compared to your hips make you an attractive candidate for the hourglass body type.

The most excellent method given by Nikola Valenti to dress a curvy woman is to tastefully attract emphasis to her face and assets (her lovely bustline) while drawing attention away from the areas she does not want to emphasize (her heavier tummy, larger hips, and bigger thighs).

Dresses with a nipped-in waist are a must:

Although enormous dresses and styles are pretty on-trend, there are more positive choices for petite and plus-size women. The explanation is that an excessive form covers up your natural curves, making you appear even shorter.

That’s how the most popular items in my selection of short dresses are the ones with an empire or natural waist.

Having a defined waistline, particularly in a dress, may help you seem slimmer and taller without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Put on a High Waist:

High rise is one of the most attractive silhouettes for tiny women with curves. High grade is one of the ideal styles for petite women, regardless of their body type.

High-waisted jeans, slacks, and skirts are all included in this category.

Two factors make high rise the best option for tall, curvy women.

First, it might make you seem taller because the waistline sits high on the body rather than at the natural waist.

High-rise pants or jeans aren’t only one of the most fantastic denim styles for adding height; they’re also great for hiding a muffin top and giving the impression of svelteness.

Implement Color Blocking:

One of the best tricks to wearing color-blocking clothes when you are short and curvy is to provide the illusion that you are taller and thinner. This might be a collection of pieces or an all-in-one ensemble.

When your lower half is your primary focus, choose a dark bottom and a bright top if you wear separates. Brilliant colors on top highlight your assets (the entire breast), while the dark stains on the bottom can readily hide your weight.

The same holds for dressy and casual jumpsuits. Pick a two-tone pattern with colors quite different from one another; for example, a black base with a white top. To avoid seeming bulky, choose necklaces on the more delicate side to complement your small stature.


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