Taking Care Of Your Personalised Jewellery

Jewellery has been a mainstay of human culture ever since the start of recorded history. There are stories of priceless jewels being dug out of the sand by gold-seekers in the ancient Egyptian civilisation. Throughout history, jewellery has been used for aesthetic and sometimes monetary purposes. In addition, there is evidence that it came into widespread use during the ancient kings of Egypt, as it was often given as gifts to various royal family members.

These ornaments played a vital role throughout human history. It has been used for artistic reasons and protection against harmful objects such as fire, wind, and water. Jewellery as an art form, adornment, and status also dates back to the early times. In those early civilisations, these embellishments were not commonly made from precious metals and gemstones but of primarily organic compounds that originate from the living world.

Throughout human history, jewellery has played a pivotal role in conveying various messages—for instance, a necklace that the first women in the tribe could only buy or a ring worn by a man during a marriage. In ancient Egypt, jewellery was an essential social expression that signified both social standing and wealth. In ancient China, jewellery was used to indicate one’s marital status. In ancient Greece, it was the mark of distinction between upper-class men and women.

There are even some accessories seen in museums to prove that jewellery has been around ever since. Howbeit, how do people preserve such gems for such a long time? It has been a long time question for many individuals considering not all human-made materials can last that long.

For Charming, a notorious jewellery enterprise, that is not a problem. Thereby, read their infographic below as the company known for giving handmade silver jewellery services share all the helpful and practical methods of preserving personalised jewellery:


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