Safety Guide for Bounce Houses

At a young age, kids have a lot of energy that they need to use somehow so the parents won’t be bothered if they have work. This is also important for their health so engaging in activities that are usually found at birthday parties is great for them. They are also looking for new things that will gain their attention. Having fun isn’t always safe so we need to know some basic rules to keep our children safe.

Good things about bounce houses are that children are exercising their bodies and are outside playing and learning how to gain balance. There is still a risk of injury so parents need to take precautions about it. Most of the parents don’t know the statistics but thousands of kids get injured inside play structures. The most important thing is supervising them and teaching them how to play safe. When they understand how they should behave, your job will be much easier.

Parent Supervision

Renting or buying a bounce house can be a good choice if you know how to manage it. Always inform yourself about the material that is used and what it can support because residential type usually has a lighter material that isn’t meant for too many people. When it comes to rental bounce houses in St.Louis, professionals that rent it should give you information about safety precautions and what to do if something gets damaged.

Having someone that will supervise kids will mean a lot for keeping them away from injury and physical harm. The children need to understand how to use playground equipment safely. A good tip is to place it at the location where you can a clear sight of your kid. If something goes wrong and it gets injured, you will be able to respond momentarily without delaying the situations.

It’s important to know that a kid that is ten or younger can’t predict a situation where it can be injured. They just like to impress people around them which can end up badly. Most of the injuries are just bruises but they can harm another kid besides them.

Number of Injuries Is Increasing

People even took a study about the number of injuries that kids experience at bounce houses. Data used was from 1990 to 2010 but know they are more available which means the number is bigger. What they revealed is that over 60,000 kids were treated in US hospitals as a result of small injuries like bruises and severe injuries. It can be compared to trampolines that also have a big risk if not supervised.

This shouldn’t discourage you because it is still considered as a rare situation where something goes wrong and the problems you should look after including strong winds, surface inadequacies, improper anchoring, product defects and incorrectly installing them are something that you can notice at the beginning. That is why it is important to know who you are renting it from and if they are a reputable company. Read more on this link.

Every inflatable product comes with a manual and manufacturers are making them be safe meaning that you need to follow the manual to prevent these issues. Never overload it if it says that a certain number of children can play in it because they can damage it. They are built to be lightweight so certain weather should be avoided which is said in the manual.

Important Guidelines

The first thing is to follow the procedure when installing it. Sometimes a small part can be crucial so make sure everything is in its place. Anchoring can be a problem so check it twice because it prevents the house from being blown away. It isn’t recommended to place it near branches and trees. Make sure that all kids have taken off their glasses and shoes to avoid injury.

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You may also check their pockets for things like pencils or keys. It would be best if children are similar in age because if you have a grown-up in the bounce house, it is a big risk for everyone. Kids may want to climb the walls so you need to inform them that they might fall off and hurt themselves. When they know how to behave there won’t be any problems.

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