So what can you wear when the mercury rises without resorting to the dreaded socks and sandals mixture? Here are some list of the proper pieces of footwear that every man should have in his rotation.

Suede Penny Loafers

Flicking between work and the beer garden is a usual hobby during summer, as is moving from barbecue to bar and sightseeing to dinner, so the prior to killing warm-weather footwear is versatility.

Selecting a unique penny loafer over a slightly more comfortable tassel design is a simple route to gain a perfect-casual vibe that’ll work out with all outfits, be it shorts and a lightweight summer suit or a  T-shirt.

When shopping for suede Penny loafers, choose something in a light suede. This will be perfect with all shades and textures of clothing as a summer shoe for men, you can also put it on with chinos and a blazer or tailored shorts and a shirt. Putting on a pair of invisible socks, especially on sued shoes.

As a general rule, your trousers must not touch the shoes, so the loafers are fully visible.

Putting on a pair of invisible socks, especially on sued shoes

White Sneakers

White sneakers shoes is also one of the best summer shoes for men, because every men needs a pair of understated, smart sneakers. Investing in a pair of shoes that match with everything means you will always look on point.

Unfussy white sneakers shoes now get a pass at almost every summer occasion, so it’s worth purchasing a pair of shoes that will last. Just maintain any decorative elements to a smallest and invest in some hydrophobic spray and a cleaning kit to keep them sparkling white.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are one of the easiest footwear styles for best summer shoes for men to slip on and go. Warm, breathable, comfortable and it’s also available in a different range of colors than most other summer shoes. They are unique, preppy and just a little bit fun, they are also the ideal first date shoes, too it’s not too hard when put on and not too sloppy.

Have it in mind that sturdy leather boat shoes will demand a period of breaking in, so don’t go and purchase a pair of shoes in the airport lounge and hope it to be able to tread around town without some hefty blisters

When you’re putting on your boat shoes, No popped-collar polo shirts or you will look like you’re off to a frat party.  Instead combine it with lightweight tailoring or you put them on with jeans as an everyday substitute for sneakers.

Suede Derbies

Unluckily, not all summer days will be spent on the beach or at the park. When the events calls for something smarter, that’s when the Oxford shoe’s cooler cousin comes in handy.

When you’re putting on suede derbus they are some options that you should consider, if you’re searching for something more adventurous, then you can go for woven pair. But if you’re are looking for a multitasker that will be perfect for everything for weddings to work summer parties, then go for classic suede as your summer shoes for men.

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